Another ‘last’ at Yale

April 15, 2010
Dearest readers, This is my last column for the News (tear) … ever. For this momentous occasion, I had planned to write something dramatic, provocative, new and different. Maybe even something well thought-out. But no, senioritis strikes again. Instead, I kept putting this column off hoping to come up with something a little more inspired »

Timm: Give Yale baseball some love

April 1, 2010
“Hot soup! Soup’s hot!” “Change?” “Hum babe!” Anyone who has been to a Yale baseball game will quickly recognize these otherwise unusual phrases. After all, how could you forget hearing 30 guys yelling about the temperature of soup? The Yale baseball team is currently enjoying one of the best starts in program history. In fact, »

Timm: Another budget casualty

March 4, 2010
One year ago, I wrote a column about spring break for Yale athletes. I’ll say this much: going back and reading something I wrote a year ago … frightening. In any case, I highlighted all of the fantastic reasons why varsity spring sports need long, out-of-region spring break trips to begin their seasons. These included »

Newfound love for Olympics

February 18, 2010
I’m embarrassed to say that until Saturday night, I was not an Olympics follower. In a complete lack of patriotism caused by utter laziness, I had passed this once sacred event over completely. During a time when many otherwise un-athletically inclined Yalies were tuning in to support our country’s best winter athletes, I, a self-proclaimed »

Timm: Don’t forget Yale athletics

February 4, 2010
This week I found myself really struggling to find a topic for my (hopefully much anticipated) column. In trying to figure out what in the world I have to say, I thought even more about why I’m in this Yale Athletics “funk” of sorts. In particular, I wanted to know why I, so rarely devoid »

Timm: My first last at Yale

December 3, 2009
It came and went almost too fast to really understand. No, I’m not talking about the finale of “Dancing with the Stars.” I’m also not going to pretend I have anywhere near the pop culture knowledge of John Song, so I’m just going to cut to the chase. I’m talking about The Game. This year’s »

Timm: Tailgate will be memorable

November 12, 2009
It’s almost here, and I can barely contain my excitement. Next weekend will bring something that many of us have been looking forward to four years. It’s an event bringing together multiple generations. An event of bitter, long-lived rivalry. An event to remember — or not — depending on how you approach it. No, it’s »

Timm: Support isn’t just attendance

October 29, 2009
There is a long-standing tradition at Yale when it comes to athletics. No, it’s not the fact that our football team still has the most national championships of any Division I school. No, it’s not Handsome Dan, who unfortunately has seemed to be replaced lately by an overly muscular, costumed human counterpart. No, it’s definitely »

Timm: Yale field hockey’s newest fan

October 15, 2009
As an athlete growing up in Texas, I thought I had tried almost every sport there was before deciding on softball. I skipped soccer, of course, because I’ve never been one to lie to myself about my running abilities. It’s just not in the genes. But when I got to Yale, I realized that Texas »

Timm: Yale must be a team

September 17, 2009
In light of the recent events on campus, I couldn’t find it in myself to write my usual light-hearted musings on Yale sports. It just didn’t feel right. Instead, I wanted to find a way to integrate what can appear to be, in times like these, an insignificant page about sports with the current sentiment »

Timm: Hope and change for football, too

September 3, 2009
Each new term at Yale is filled with novelties and uncertainties. The cares and concerns of returning students range from new classes and teachers to new friends and living arrangements. Although this is an exciting time for most, it can lead to anxieties about the unknown and worries about the future. This year the football »

Timm: Senior send-off

April 23, 2009
First of all, Karan, excellent column yesterday. If you haven’t read it yet, grab a copy of yesterday’s paper. It’s insightful, clever and everything I was thinking about writing. Shoot! New direction. So now that the incoming newbies have received a proper welcoming, I would like to do a complete 180 and give our outgoing »