Timm: Senior send-off

First of all, Karan, excellent column yesterday. If you haven’t read it yet, grab a copy of yesterday’s paper. It’s insightful, clever and everything I was thinking about writing. Shoot! New direction. So now that the incoming newbies have received a proper welcoming, I would like to do a complete 180 and give our outgoing […]

Timm: Yale’s best athletics traditions

Yale University is full of unique traditions. These practices range in scope and subject from shopping period freshman year to secret societies senior year. And, no matter how many times I use Hogwarts as an analogy for the residential college system, my school spirit is never diminished. Tradition and pride have always been my favorite […]

Timm: Spring break, sports style

With the official start of spring behind us, Yalies all over campus will soon begin to enjoy the longer days, blooming flowers and improved weather of this much-anticipated season. Yeah, right! Maybe if we lived south of the Mason-Dixon line. Freshmen, just so you know, it really won’t get warm here until May. It’s the […]

Timm: The long and icy road

I would venture a guess that football fans at any Division I powerhouse have a good understanding of the road that athletes take from pee-wee’s to the NFL. With the rise of our men’s hockey team this year, which has clinched the ECAC and Ivy titles and proved itself to be among the nation’s elite […]

Timm: A hockey family

My arrival at Yale freshman year was plagued with questions. Despite the concerns of shipping bedding from Texas, finding space in L-Dub and meeting three strangers for roommates, there was one thing about which I was certain. I never once worried that I would be lonely. This comforting feeling came from the fact that, upon […]

The sky’s the limit for snowboarding in Manhattan

NEW YORK — The residents of this city are definitely not strangers to skyscrapers. But last night, over 100,000 snowboarding fans converged on East River Park to encounter their first ever Snowscraper. Of these fans, ten were Yalies who made their way into Manhattan by way of a free bus sponsored by Yale’s Red Bull […]

Timm: Dedication of the fearless

What were you doing Wednesday morning at 5 a.m.? Unless you are a serious Feb Club-goer or Tuesday Night Club fan, chances are you were sound asleep dreaming of your secret crush or dreading your early morning class. But sleep was not an option for the Yale varsity softball team yesterday. In fact, I’m sure […]

Timm: Timm’s wide world of Yale sports

For a young child, Christmas morning elicits one of the greatest joys of the year. This exuberance, the product of months of anticipation and excitement, is shared by varsity athletes from colleges across the country with every season opener. The day I began to question my commitment to varsity athletics was the day I no […]