Ashley Sloan ’10 talks to Tom Hsieh about softball, life at Yale

Thomas Hsieh pitches questions to softball’s Ashley Sloan ‘10. The outfielder earned first team All-Ivy honors in her freshman season. TH: So after three long years of servitude to the News, my time here is finally coming to an end. And now, you’re the subject of my last interview, my last article. What do you […]

Super-competitive Texan details her tennis career

TH: So last week, you got the chance to interview me. Did you enjoy doing my job? LN: It was hard! Then again, I’m not a very creative person. TH: According to your official Yale Athletics bio, an interesting fact about you is that you had open-heart surgery. LN: Yeah, there was something wrong with […]

From Mr. Yale to Spring Fling, YSAC ripens

Guest Column

Elis hopeful after pro-day results

Senior year, students spend their year scrambling to fill out medical-school applications or hoping to ace case interviews for that consulting job. Most students, however, don’t have to worry about how fast they run or how much they lift. But for four Elis, their future careers depended on these very details. Prior to the NFL […]

Turning the tables, athletes grill Tom Hsieh ’08 for April Fool’s Day

To celebrate the spirit of April Fool’s, Yale athletes get to strike back at The Yale Daily News. Men’s basketball players Chris Andrews ’09 and Matt Kyle ’08 come back to question Thomas Hsieh ’08 about his writing and tenure at the News, while women’s tennis captain Lilian Nguyen ’09 puts in her own two […]

Tom’s Two Cents: It is March Madness and I have no bracket

The first couple days after spring break are always the worst. I’m still in a bit of a spring break hangover. After spending some time in the Caribbean, listening to my mom rave about American Idol contestant David Archuleta and not working on my senior essay, I’m not quite ready to get back into the […]

There’s something about Brett: An ode to No. 4

As I was checking my e-mail and Yahoo! Sports during a post-lunch break this past Tuesday, three words made me stop in my tracks: “Brett Favre Retiring.” I was shocked. For 13 years, I had loyally watched and followed the all-star quarterback and his Green Bay Packers. And now, it was all over. Growing up […]

Busted dreams

The phones are ringing off the hook. It is 2003. High-school senior Mike Lehmann ’08 had just finished his tour of Division I college football camps with stops at Colorado, Kentucky and Notre Dame. At Notre Dame, Lehmann made a statement by running the fastest 40-yard time of all the inside linebackers at the event. […]

A head above the rest: Matt Kyle ’08

TH: You’re going to hate me for this, but I guess it’s how every article about Matt Kyle is going to start off. What’s it like standing tall at 6 feet 11 inches? MK: Off the court, it’s every conversation starter. Regardless of what people are interested in, they want to talk to you about […]

My eight things to love about Yale athletics

Valentine’s Day cometh … woe be to the sportswriter who gets stuck with coming up with a Valentine’s Day-themed article. Sports and romance, an unlikely pairing, differ on almost all levels: At the base level, sports are rough; love is tender. But Valentine’s Day isn’t about picking on each other’s flaws. So prepare yourself for […]

Working to get back: Chris Andrews ’09

Chris Andrews ’09, point guard on the Yale men’s basketball team, is currently sitting out the season after tearing his right ACL in August 2007. Prior to the 2006-’07 season, Andrews suffered an injury to his left ACL, which knocked him out for his sophomore campaign. Now missing his second straight year of basketball, Andrews […]

Spending Super Sunday with the Abare twins

Q: What’s cooking at the Abare household on Super Sunday? BA: Chips and salsa along with several chicken wings will definitely always be on hand during game action and during commercials. Both are key ingredients to enjoying any Super Bowl. Basically any unhealthy finger food is a must to truly get that Super Bowl experience. […]