Spending Super Sunday with the Abare twins

Q: What’s cooking at the Abare household on Super Sunday? BA: Chips and salsa along with several chicken wings will definitely always be on hand during game action and during commercials. Both are key ingredients to enjoying any Super Bowl. Basically any unhealthy finger food is a must to truly get that Super Bowl experience. […]

Heating Up the Ice: Ann-Renée Guillemette

So any good nicknames? I get called ARG. My freshman year, our captain gave me the nickname “Je Suis” for “Je suis Guillemette.” TH: What do you think about Annie “The Jet” Guillemette? ARG: No. TH: Do you have any weird pre-game rituals? I used to have to put on my equipment, get taped up […]

All told, Siedlecki has been solid

I’m going to be honest with you: When I first started writing this story, it wasn’t going to be pretty. The gist of it was going to be a full criticism of Yale football coach Jack Siedlecki’s failure during the 124th edition of The Game, much like Tuesday’s News’ View (“The Game leaves Elis embarrassed”). […]