La Casa works to welcome Latinos

October 28, 2003
La Casa Cultural, Latino alumni and the admissions office are pooling their resources to try to ensure that qualified Latino high school students do not rule out Yale as a possibility for college. A new Latino recruiting initiative based out of La Casa will organize alumni and current students to encourage Latinos in their hometowns »

Hasta la vista, Gray Davis

October 9, 2003
As reports confirmed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s win in a historic recall election Monday night, Yale’s large constituency of Californians expressed mixed feelings about the newly-minted governor. Schwarzenegger, a Republican, defeated Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante and 133 other challengers in Tuesday’s recall election to become California’s governor-elect. The prospect of the movie star and former bodybuilder in »

Education Exchange debates vouchers

October 8, 2003
A Calhoun College junior, two Yale professors and a former New Haven public education official inaugurated a debate series on education Tuesday with a discussion about school vouchers. The debate, the first in a series called the Education Exchange drew about 30 people to the Calhoun Common Room. The four participants discussed school vouchers, each »

Winroth garners “genius grant”

October 7, 2003
It’s official — history professor Anders Winroth has been dubbed a genius, and he has a $500,000 grant to show for it. The MacArthur Foundation tapped Winroth Sunday as one of 24 MacArthur Fellows, each of whom receive an award commonly referred to as an unrestricted “genius grant.” Winroth was selected for his research in »

Law school hopefuls discover one another

September 24, 2003
The budding lawyers of Yale College will now have a forum to discuss everything legal — from international human rights to the Law School Admissions Test. The Pre-Law Society, which held its first informational meeting Sept. 21, will team with Undergraduate Career Services to provide resources to students who are interested in law and government. »

Shapiro tackles U.S. criminal justice system

February 26, 2003
After collaborating with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. and Jesse Jackson, Jr. on a recent book “Legal Lynching,” Bruce Shapiro, a political analyst and investigative reporter, discussed the United States justice system at a Davenport College Master’s Tea Tuesday. Shapiro, who has taught classes at Yale, said while the death penalty is biased and ineffective, »

Teenage mag ranks Yale No. 2 college in America

September 24, 2002
The rankings are in, and Yale is No. 2 again. But this time it’s because Yale’s guys aren’t quite cute enough. At about the same time as U.S. News and World Report placed Yale second in its annual college rankings, Seventeen magazine’s October issue put Yale in second place in its rating of the 50 »