Steven Syverud
Efforts to help underprivileged are ongoing

In 1955, Williams College Admissions Director Fred Copeland was bothered by a new trend: “This year, Yale, and, to some extent Harvard, gave early verbal […]

Making our case for the activities fee

Numbers are a funny thing. Even the simplest ones can trip up the best of newspapers with the best intent. A recent article about the […]

Recruiting a better Yale takes student help

This will be a little different than what you normally read on this page. This is not a rant about a policy. It’s not an […]

Reuniting Yale, one dining hall at a time

Imagine you’re a high school senior. Imagine you want to come to Yale. Imagine you come up to New Haven with your mom, and you’re […]

Yale, money and the admissions game

College admissions, like anything else that rides on the whims of 17-year-olds, tend to be erratic. A spicy rumor, a championship run by the football […]

Ivy League early apps drop by 14 percent

After years of steady growth, early applications to Ivy League schools have dropped almost 14 percent this fall. The change in numbers was by no […]

Study abroad rises by 40 percent

Participation in Yale’s Junior Year or Term Abroad program is up more than 40 percent from last year, defying a recent national trend of plateauing […]

Levin praises increased applications

Nearly three weeks after Early Action applications were due to the Yale College Office of Admissions, Yale President Richard Levin said that the more than […]

Early apps rise for ’08

Early applications increased this year by roughly 42 percent at Yale and dropped by about 47 percent at Harvard University, according to preliminary estimates by […]

Levin’s daughter calls for athletic reforms

Sarah Levin backs up her new book on athletics with an impressive resume. A member of the Harvard Class of 2000, she captained the Harvard […]

Impact of Early Action still unclear

With early applications due tomorrow, the effects of Yale’s recent switch from binding Early Decision to single-choice Early Action are still unclear. Under the new […]