YALE-PRINCETON | The tailgate that matters

Most Yalies still agree that “Harvard sucks.” But some may be casting aside the old adage “Princeton doesn’t matter” — at least as far as tailgating is concerned. In light of stricter tailgating regulations at Harvard and the convenience of a home turf advantage this weekend, many Yale students say they are directing more attention […]

Study warns of environmental crisis

If new research by Yale scientists is any indication, it may already be too late for the environment. An international team of 10 researchers — including Yale professors of geology and geophysics Mark Pagani and Robert Berner — determined that current levels of carbon dioxide have already surpassed the estimated cutoff level that would cause […]


Around New Haven

Preliminary Connecticut voter turnout pegged at 80.3 percent With data pending from 11 towns, which have yet to submit their final numbers to state officials, Connecticut’s voter turnout reached about 80 percent on Election Day. Once full numbers have been tabulated, Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz ’83 will be able to gauge whether turnout […]


‘360 State’: In transit

Developers broke ground on the 32-story building at 360 State late September; now, they are trying to avoid broken spirits. Planners said they hope the intricacies of the project, which is located across the street from the State Street train station, will not suffer during what will likely be an expensive and time-consuming construction process […]


Channeling Obama, teens embrace oratory

Barack Obama is not the only one who thinks it is time for change. At Yale’s Afro-American Cultural Center on Sunday afternoon, the Yale chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People hosted an oratory contest for local high school students titled “Speak Out: Is America Ready for a Black President?” And […]


Discovery zone: The Yale Child Study Center

Oblivious to the dreary rain pounding on the window, two-year-old Tyler sits, contented, among heaps of brightly-colored plastic, his eyes widening at the sight of unfamiliar toys. As he lunges for a rubber ball rolling down a yellow, plastic slide, a woman walks into the room. “Ready to go?” Immediately, a toothy grin breaks out […]


Elm City students learn Chinese music

The Class of 1957 Music Education Project is working with new faculty hire Wing Ho MUS ’87 to develop a traditional Chinese music program in New Haven Public Schools. In Beijing, at the Yale-sponsored Musicathlon festival this past July, School of Music Dean Robert Blocker announced the appointment of Ho, a prestigious Chinese musician, to […]


Davenport couches missing

Someone went furniture shopping in the Davenport College common room last Friday, according to Davenport Master Richard Schottenfeld. Schottenfeld announced in an e-mail Wednesday afternoon that two blue leather couches were taken from the common room. While many students said they were unaware of the couches’ absence until the e-mail was sent out, there was […]


Getting to zero gravity in Houston

After months of hard work last year, five undergraduates what is perhaps the ultimate scientific reward — weightlessness. The Yale Drop Team — made up of Greg Mosby ’09, Michael Boyle ’10, Frances Douglas ’11, Katherine Rosenfeld ’10 and Andrew Kurzrok ’11 — teamed up with NASA at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas […]