Kemper: Remember, remember the facts of reform

November 15, 2010
The fifth of November came five days late to London this year. There were no 36 barrels of gunpowder involved, but the 50,000 students who marched on Millbank Tower last Wednesday did manage to keep a fire lit long enough for the New York Times to put it on Thursday’s front page. The conflagration reached »

Kemper: Give us more stop signs

April 6, 2009
Noah Kazis ’10 wrote a column last week (“The Yale seat, for the city,” March 25) urging the Ward 1 alderman to focus on the city’s needs, to take the wider view and be the visionary unfettered by the needs of his constituents. Essentially, he argues that so far as New Haven is concerned, Yalies »

Kemper: For pirates and I-bankers, sinking inevitable

October 6, 2008
What do Somali pirates and American investment bankers have in common? (Hint: It’s not lipstick.) This coming week, America and the world will grapple with two hostage crises. The first involves pirates. If we don’t hand $20 million over to the small band of Somali fishermen who seized the Ukrainian ship the MS Faina, we »

Locals apathetic toward civil reforms

October 11, 2007
No New Haven residents attended a forum to discuss civil service reform Wednesday night, despite the city’s emphasis on the importance of the regulations. The City Hall meeting was organized to foster discussion among locals about the changes to the New Haven Civil Service Rules, which recently underwent its first year-long comprehensive revision since 1962. »