Zelinsky: Too little, too late

March 21, 2011
During the 2008 election campaign, Hillary Clinton ran an ad suggesting that then-Senator Barack Obama would not be capable of handling an emergency call at 3 a.m. Recent events in the Middle East have proved her right. During the past few weeks, Mr. Obama has time and again failed to lead. His waffling policies on »

Zelinsky: Remember the Great Communicator

February 7, 2011
Sunday marked Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday. While many popular national commentators have rehashed his presidential legacy, few know of his relationship to Yale. The Gipper came to the University as a Chubb fellow in December of 1967. Then-Governor of California, he guest lectured in classes, addressed the Yale Political Union and attended a series of »

Zelinsky: Misstating our union

January 26, 2011
Last night, Yalies on campus and Americans across the country watched the State of the Union Address. Commentators predicted a speech that would turn around Obama’s presidency, already on the upswing after an emotional address in Tucson, Arizona. Some had hopes that the President would provide dignified leadership for a struggling nation, while others looked »

Zelinsky: More sham reform from DeStefano

January 10, 2011
In a series of columns in the fall, I criticized the New Haven Promise scholarship program, calling it a Band-Aid solution to larger problems in our city’s failing schools. While Yale funds this program with the best of intentions, the University is not subsidizing true educational reform. Defenders of the initiative responded that Promise represents »

Zelinsky: Just say (DeStefa)No

November 16, 2010
On November 14, Mayor John DeStefano Jr. will deliver a Chubb Fellowship lecture in the Yale Law School Auditorium. He will likely speak about his long-term plans for New Haven, including the new “Promise” scholarships recently announced by the University. The New Haven Promise program has received national attention, with the media heralding DeStefano as »

Zelinsky: A broken promise indeed

November 12, 2010
On Wednesday, I criticized Yale’s well-intended but poorly-designed scholarship program, New Haven Promise (“An empty Promise,” Nov. 10). I argued that this program does not address the fundamental problems of the New Haven public schools — namely, the poor performance of many unionized teachers. Instead, the Promise is an ill-disguised Band-Aid which fails to address »

Zelinsky: An empty Promise

November 10, 2010
On Tuesday, the City of New Haven and Yale announced New Haven Promise, a joint program to provide college scholarships to New Haven high school graduates. While this plan is well-intentioned, it will actually end up hurting the very high school students it seeks to help. New Haven Promise is a poorly disguised Band-Aid which »