Nathaniel Zelinsky
ZELINSKY: History, rewritten

In Saturday’s freshman address, President Peter Salovey revisited the Woodward Report, a document that has nobly articulated the defense of free speech in academia for the past four decades.

ZELINSKY: In memory of Dahl

Yesterday, we lost a great American, an outstanding scholar and an unparalleled Yalie. We mourn Robert Dahl, who passed away at 98. Over the coming […]

ZELINSKY: A constant conversation

Our job is to take the Yale we love, that constant conversation, and transplant it into wherever we live.

ZELINSKY: The need for reassurance

If you're anxious about society, you're not alone.

ZELINSKY: What is the college for?

We are rarely told to find a higher purpose — beyond our own success — for which we should strive.

ZELINSKY: The culture of Yale College

Grade inflation is the symptom of our undergraduate culture.

ZELINSKY: For a capable armed forces

The same gung-ho interventionist wants to shake the military-industrial behemoth for loose change with which to fund domestic agenda items.

ZELINSKY: The age of personality

So, in our leaders, we want to see those quirks and whimsical mannerisms that make someone a real person, not just a party hack.

ZELINSKY: Thoughts on DeStefano’s departure

Mayor John DeStefano Jr. just announced he will not be seeking a second term. A few, quick thoughts about this development: If I had to […]

ZELINSKY: An invitation to the Corporation

And, in addition to the issue of optics, how can the Corporation make informed decisions about Yale if they divorce themselves from campus?

ZELINSKY: Marriage equality after the ruling

The result may contain silver linings for the LBGTQ cause.