ZELINSKY: Questions raised by Singapore

March 26, 2012
The debate over Yale’s partnership with the National University of Singapore is alive and well. Last week, no fewer than nine people authored or co-authored letters and columns in the News on the topic. Most were critical, arguing that our venture in Singapore violates our core values. Since 2009, when Levin announced Yale-NUS, others have »

ZELINSKY: Occupy’s time is up

March 19, 2012
New Haven set a deadline of Noon last Wednesday for Occupy to leave the Green. In case you haven’t noticed, the tents are still up. And they will remain for another week and a half, by court order. Almost every mayor in America — including self-proclaimed liberals — knew what do to with Occupy encampments: »

ZELINSKY: Levin should influence the drinking age

February 27, 2012
This past Saturday night, I had a few beers. I am 21, so the state of Connecticut said it was legal. Many of my underage peers also drank this weekend, technically in violation of the law. Across the nation, students and college administrators know this situation makes little sense. In fact, it’s almost trite to »

ZELINSKY: Finding a focus in the liberal arts

February 20, 2012
All my friends seem to have a theme. They build their Yale careers around sexy topics like public health, economic development or the environment. One friend has wanted to be a pediatric oncologist since age 7; another fell in love with paleontology after a middle school class trip. When they search for summer internships or »

ZELINSKY: The great big sinkhole

February 13, 2012
You have to give Mayor John DeStefano credit for consistency. Without fail, he sticks to three basic principles of economic success: Tax, spend and tax again. This past week, a parade of poor decisions emanated from City Hall. In his State of the City Address last Tuesday, DeStefano crooned that New Haven’s Grand List — »

ZELINSKY: ER&M’s got problems

February 6, 2012
Last week, Yale got a new major: Ethnicity, Race and Migration. It was already a possible double major, but students now can take ER&M as their sole course of study. This development should raise eyebrows for several reasons, some of which the department may be able to address. One: ER&M could continue the troubling trend »

ZELINSKY: Truth in the Witt assault story

January 30, 2012
In part, Patrick Witt ’12 holds the power to clear his own name. So too, the woman who filed an informal complaint of sexual assault against him can help clarify some controversial issues while maintaining her privacy. She and Witt should illuminate some of these issues as only they can. Currently, the Rhodes Trust refuses »

ZELINSKY: False advertising and empty advising

January 23, 2012
You might call it the Great Signature Trek. It’s that time of year when a Yale student searches for offices in buildings he never knew existed looking for a faculty adviser he can barely recognize. After a brief stab at awkward conversation, the student runs out with the adviser’s signature in hand, not to return »

ZELINSKY: MLK, God and morality

January 17, 2012
Yale students received their first Martin Luther King Jr. Day off a decade ago. Since then, we have seen 10 years of Sunday night parties and Monday morning hangovers. Some have participated in the Dwight Hall Day of Service; many have honored civil rights with typical weekend flair. After the first couple of years of »

ZELINSKY: Rethinking the good of Yale athletes

January 9, 2012
A friend of mine runs track. For the past year, she was on the disabled list with injured knees. Every morning at 6:00 a.m., she worked out in a pool to rehabilitate, though her doctors and coaches predicted her efforts would be futile. She beat their diagnoses and recently returned to racing. When we saw »

ZELINSKY: Thanksgiving thoughts

November 28, 2011
Four days ago, our nation reflected on the many things for which we were thankful. My list this year included the standard litany (friends, family) and a few additions I would like to share with you. Here goes: I was thankful for the Marshall Committee’s report that suggested banning Sex Week. It put me back »

ZELINSKY: Save speech at Yale

November 14, 2011
Yale’s commitment to free speech is officially on life support. This past Thursday, President Levin published the Marshall Committee Report on campus sexual climate. Among other things, the committee recommends banning Sex Week from using classrooms — in effect barring its activities this spring. The committee also claims to uphold “Yale’s enduring commitment to free »