Yale, workers benefit from union-free community

September 6, 2002
As locals 34 and 35 prepare to strike, one can only reflect on their detriment to the Yale community. Yale is a premier academic institution whose energy and resources should be devoted to researching, discovering, and educating. Spending time and money that could be used to intellectually enrich students on trying to appease unions fits »

Yale shouldn’t reimburse lost federal financial aid

April 17, 2002
You really have to hand it to The New York Times. This past Saturday, page A27 featured a story about a 12-year-old boy who smuggled 87 packages of heroin in order to finance his trip from Nigeria to the United States. And, right above it, there was another drug-related article — this one about Yale’s »

In America

April 5, 2002
You either stop fighting over the Nintendo, or I’m going to disconnect it so neither of you can use it! How many of us can recall this type of parental threat when, embroiled in the heat of a sibling battle, we just couldn’t seem to share and get along? From childhood, we’re taught that when »

Student visa controls benefit U.S. citizens, foreigners

December 4, 2001
As new announcements are made about restrictions on student visas, the complaints — in the name of civil liberties and international education — intensify. I encourage the nay-sayers who stand adamantly opposed to the United States’ adjusting its visa policies to think again and exhort them to consider the following. First, under current rules, a »

Modern-day Yalies shirk patriotism, duty

October 11, 2001
As we all saw this weekend, a lot can change over 300 years. More specifically, recent events like the tercentennial celebrations and the bombings in Afghanistan demonstrate the degree to which Yale’s values have shifted since its inception. The wisdom that guided Yale through three centuries suddenly seems out of date: instead of “For God, »