Meghan Clyne
Senior Perspective: Meghan Clyne

I wrote my first column because I was enraged by the lack of patriotism displayed at Yale in the wake of Sept. 11. I didn’t […]

A center for some women

As graduation nears, it’s funny to think of the different perspective and knowledge four years can give. Recalling my first days at Yale, I remember […]

Can we respect heroes, just for one war?

Orange, Calif., is my hometown. I was there two weeks ago on spring break, enjoying family, friends and sunshine. I went to Disneyland, walked along […]

GESO: aka the Graduate Evil Socialist Organization

All year long I’ve suffered from a blissful memory lapse. For the life of me, I couldn’t recall what “GESO” actually stood for. The problem […]

Face the facts, we’re an empire: But is that such a bad thing?

Remember your high school indoctrination? The section in your European or world history class where you learned about the age of colonization? You were surely […]

The racism of affirmative action

Last week saw college ingenuity at its finest. A State of the Union drinking game awarded points for catch phrases based on the probability of […]

Serving this city, the right way

Thanksgiving has come and gone, tonight is the sixth night of Chanukah, and Christmas is a scant 21 days away. The holiday season is in […]

Hey future leaders of America: take a look outside your liberal cocoon

Last week, this seemed like a place of mourning — long faces, muted conversations, sad glimpses. Thankfully, no tragedy was behind the campus melancholy — […]

The hypocrisy of the left in its campaign against war

Last week, the scene at the corner of Elm and York streets seemed like something out of a Vietnam movie. Two groups stood on opposite […]

Columbus: no saint, but no Satan

Chalk it up to the town-gown divide. Every year in mid-October, it’s fun to compare the scene at Yale to the one in the Wooster […]

Dialogue, education beat meaningless protests

Though Yalies assert that theirs is the greatest educational experience available, they seem to have an inferiority complex. It appears that many would rather return […]