Admins mull freshman restrictions

March 30, 2012
As administrators discuss details of the recent ban of Greek organizations’ fall rush period, they are considering a policy that would prohibit freshmen from attending Greek-sponsored off-campus events during the fall. The committee charged with outlining the specific regulations — which comprises administrators and leaders of Greek organizations — convened for their second meeting Thursday »
Branford’s Crushes and Chaperones dance moved to Commons for the first time this year, but no alcohol-related incidents were reported.

Crushes remains free from alcohol incidents

March 27, 2012
Despite more than doubling in size from last year, Branford College’s annual Crushes and Chaperones dance on Saturday had no alcohol-related incidents. Crushes and Chaperones assumed the same model as Silliman College’s Safety Dance when it relocated from the Branford dining hall to Commons for the first time this year, after Branford was forced to »
Will Passion Pit — pictured above — 3LAU and T-Pain be this year's Spring Fling lineup?

Students react to Spring Fling lineup

March 26, 2012
After a Spring Fling lineup that includes rapper T-Pain, Passion Pit and DJ 3LAU leaked online last week, students have voiced mixed feelings about the upcoming event. News about the Spring Fling performers broke after a posting on, a website that tracks artists and their concerts, indicated that T-Pain, Passion Pit and 3LAU would »
Two colleges have trimmed events in response to smaller budgets, yet students said their Yale experience has been largely unaffected.

Residential colleges adjust to revised budgets

March 23, 2012
Nearly two years after administrators decided to equalize residential college budgets, some students in the once-wealthiest colleges interviewed said they have noticed the drop in resources. Administrators announced the change in May 2010 in an attempt to make the opportunities available to students more equitable across residential colleges. The University determined an appropriate budget for »
Under a University regulation announced earlier this month, Greek organizations cannot hold freshman rush during the fall semester.

Frats, scholars question rush ban

March 22, 2012
Yale’s ban on fall rush for Greek organizations replicates the policy of several Ivy League universities, but whether such a policy reduces instances of hazing remains contested. Following the announcement of the ban earlier this month, an implementation committee composed of administrators and Greek leaders will meet Thursday to begin discussing the details of the »

Admins ban fall rush for freshmen

March 2, 2012
Fraternities and sororities will be prohibited from holding fall rush for freshmen beginning next year, Yale College Dean Mary Miller and Dean of Student Affairs Marichal Gentry announced in a campus-wide email Thursday afternoon. The change in the Undergraduate Regulations was first recommended in April by the Committee on Hazing and Initiations, which formed in »

Re-evaluating group registrations

February 29, 2012
Last month, the Yale College Dean’s Office required all registered student organizations to send at least three members to attend one of the University’s first-ever leadership training sessions. The 75-minute long presentations, held three times in the same number of days, primarily outlined the hazing and sexual misconduct rules written in the Undergraduate Regulations. The »
Chris Cho '12, Maria Yagoda '12 and Sable Worthy '12 live in a mixed-gender suite.

Gender-neutral housing extended to juniors

February 27, 2012
Administrators approved gender-neutral housing for juniors on Sunday based on an evaluation of the experiences of seniors in mixed-gender housing over the last two years. After the University allowed seniors to live in mixed-gender suites in 2010, the option to live with the members of the opposite gender will be extended to the classes of »
Yale was the last Ivy League school to implement a gender-neutral housing option. After numerous panel discussions and committee meetings, the University approved gender-neutral housing in February 2010.

Underclassmen navigate mixed-gender restrictions

February 15, 2012
While administrators have not yet decided whether to extend mixed-gender housing privileges to juniors, some underclassmen have still found ways to live with the opposite sex within the current system. Seniors were first permitted to live with members of the opposite sex in the 2010-’11 school year, and administrators are currently reviewing a Yale College »

Trayless dining garners mixed reviews

January 31, 2012
Silliman College dining hall’s move to eliminate trays this semester — following the lead of the Trumbull and Morse/Stiles dining halls — is receiving criticism from both students and dining hall staff. Over the past three years, the Sustainability Education Peers (STEP) has been coordinating with Yale Dining to present evidence that trayless dining reduces »

Administrators restrict tailgating

January 20, 2012
The University announced a stricter set of tailgating regulations on Thursday in the wake of a fatal crash that occurred at the Harvard-Yale tailgate in November. The new guidelines ban kegs and “box trucks,” establish a vehicle-free tailgating zone and require that all attendees leave the student tailgating area by kickoff. The rules were recommended »

Student-alumni partnership forms

January 20, 2012
A new campus organization that began recruiting students Monday hopes to connect alumni with students through networking, community service and social events. Composed of alumni, students and administrators, the Students and Alumni of Yale has already planned a series of student leadership forums, career panels and networking events in the coming months. Alison Brody ’95, »