Facebook profile pictures across campus are about to change as students prepare to head to the polls in advance of this year’s Yale College Council elections. Here are the candidates:


Cristo Liautaud ’14

John Gonzalez ’14

Eric Eliasson ’14

Vice President

Debby Abramov ’14

Daryl Hok ’14


Kyle Tramonte ’15

Leandro Leviste ’15


Joseph Yagoda ’14

Nathan Kohrman ’15

Events Director

Bryan Epps ’14

Marissa Pettit ’14

UOFC Chair

Richard Harris ’15

Aly Moore ’14

Bobby Dresser ’14

Junior Class Council President

Caroline Smith ’14

Anna Wang ’14

Sophomore Class Council President

Bechir-Auguste Pierre ’15

Kadeem Yearwood ’15

Patricia Okonta ’15

Andrea Villena ’15

Nancy Xia ’15

CORRECTION: April 9, 2012

An earlier version of this article misspelled the name of Bechir-Auguste Pierre ’15.