Libresco: Memories lost forever

November 5, 2009 • 1
Imagine you’ve got a lot of family heirlooms — old furniture, photos, and files — you want to keep but have no way to store yourself. The logical thing to do is to cart all the stuff down to some temporary storage facility, rent out a locker and put it away. Now, imagine that some »

Libresco: Thinking scientifically to think clearly

October 23, 2009 • 6
It’s been a bad week for science. Senator Tom Coburn’s introduction of an amendment to prohibit the National Science Foundation from giving any grants to political scientists came hot on the heels of a front page example of scientific illiteracy. In a New York Times article, “Swine Flu Shots Revive a Debate About Vaccines,” (Oct. »

Libresco: Weaker vaccines for better health

September 25, 2009 • 4
During Yale Summer Session, my “Epidemics in American Culture” class needed only two weeks to wipe out a good quarter of the earth’s population, and we were well on track to eliminate all but the most isolated tribes by the end of the month. Our final class project was a crisis simulation of a bioterror »

Libresco: Our new, unknowable credit scores

September 11, 2009 • 0
My 18-year-old brother, just about to start college, can’t get a credit card to save his life. He doesn’t have bad credit, but he’s never had any account in his own name, and, in this economy, no bank wants to take a risk. College freshmen may have no financial records, but, in an age of »

Libresco: What was it the News endorsed?

April 17, 2009 • 3
I am not working for, affiliated with or (since I’m registered at home) voting for any of the three candidates, and this column is not meant to rebuke the News for its endorsement of Mike Jones ’11 earlier this year. But after reading the endorsement, I was not sure what it was the paper endorsed. »

Libresco: Trust straight students

March 6, 2009 • 10
Yale just can’t trust straight students. It’s the only plausible explanation for the recent decision to keep gender-neutral housing on hold. One of the most frequently cited reasons to avoid gender-neutral housing is the possibility that mixed-gender couples will shack up. I leave aside the concerns of long-graduated alumni that this kind of arrangement might »