Suspects post bail in BD assault case

The two San Francisco men who have been charged with assaulting members of the Baker’s Dozen a cappella group have surrendered to the local police department and are awaiting arraignment. Richard Aicardi, 19, who is charged with two counts of assault and one count of battery against Evan Gogel ’10 and William Bailey ’10, turned […]


Constitution burned in Div. School protest

Although the 40 days of Lent are traditionally associated with solemn reflection and penance, a student-led Ash Wednesday service at the Yale Divinity School that combined prayer with protest has sparked concern among the school’s alumni and some students. At the Feb. 21 service, a few dozen students, faculty, administrators and members of the New […]


Arrests made in BD case

More than two months after a violent attack on the Baker’s Dozen a cappella group, the San Francisco district attorney filed felony assault charges against two suspects for injuries allegedly inflicted on two members of the group, but did not files charges in the assault of Sharyar Aziz ’10, the most seriously injured member. San […]


Minority gays balance identities

Before coming to Yale, Andrew Dowe ’08 attended a small Catholic all-boys school in Tampa, Fla. During his four years at the institution, he covered himself with not only a tie and dress pants, but also a false identity. Dowe, who is black, said he had expected that his arrival at a liberal college campus […]


Co-op focuses on trans issues

The social and political hurdles faced by transgendered individuals will be the focus of the fourth annual Trans Issues Week this week. The events, organized by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Cooperative, aim to raise awareness about the recent addition of “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the University’s official nondiscrimination policy, in addition […]


Leaders debate black progress

To commemorate Black History Month, the Afro-American Cultural Center held an open forum Tuesday evening on the current status of black political leadership in the United States and socioeconomic barriers facing the disadvantaged black community. The event — entitled “Black Responsibility: By Whom and for What?” — featured a debate between Juan Williams, an Emmy […]


Chaplain will try to reach all faiths

In light of the recent appointment of a new University Chaplain, students have started to debate anew the role of a religious leader in a secularized college setting. As Yale’s religious community has become more diverse over the last century, the role of the University Chaplain — historically responsible for lending services and facilities specifically […]


Chinese students speak on ethics

Students from Hong Kong offered the Yale community their perspective on issues like gender inequality and environmental ethics during a public symposium Wednesday afternoon. As part of the fourteenth-annual Yale University-New Asia College Undergraduate Exchange, eight students from the New Asia College at the Chinese University of Hong Kong arrived on campus last weekend to […]


Next chaplain will be Catholic

Yale will welcome its first female, non-Protestant and non-ordained chaplain since the position was created 80 years ago, President Richard Levin announced Friday. In an e-mail sent to the Yale community, President Richard Levin announced that after months of searching for a successor to current University Chaplain Rev. Frederick Streets, the University will appoint Sharon […]


Yale hosts Asian groups

Hundreds of students from across the nation descended on the Elm City on Thursday to discuss the future of the Asian-American community in the United States and encourage student political activism. The annual East Coast Asian-American Students Union conference, described by its student organizers as the premier Asian-American collegiate conference in the United States, has […]


IP debate addresses race on campus

An e-mail circulated late Monday evening by the Independent Party of the Yale Political Union roused tempers among members of student cultural organizations, spurring a vociferous debate over the issue of racial self-segregation on campus. Members of cultural groups reacted to an Independent Party e-mail publicizing its Tuesday evening debate on the topic “Resolved: Yale […]


Restored Af-Am House reopens

Dozens of student and community groups affiliated with the Afro-American Cultural Center moved back into their revamped facility on Park Street this weekend, seven months after the building was closed for renovations. The Af-Am House, known to its student patrons simply as “the House,” reopened Friday evening to members of the Yale and New Haven […]