Scrudato: Feedback on renovations

April 10, 2009
When it comes to architecture, Yale College has the mentality of the prototypical, snobbish modern art critic: If you like a chosen design, then you obviously have an eye for architecture; if you don’t, you must not understand it well enough to appreciate it. Perhaps the best example of this in recent years is Yale’s »

Scrudato: Science demands ideology

March 24, 2009
On March 9, President Obama announced he was overturning former President Bush’s executive order that partially banned federal money from funding embryonic stem cell research. He cited his desire to make decisions “based on facts, not ideology.” While the pundits on both sides of the issue have criticized or lauded the move using the same »

Scrudato: To avoid discrimination

February 23, 2009
Some students at Yale believe the University can be a welcoming place where anyone can make friends with his or her fellow students and still maintain a unique identity. While these students, who clearly comprise the oppressive majority, justify their systematic discrimination, the rest of us know better. This University can be, for a few »

Scrudato: Religion less free than in the recent past

January 30, 2009
One of the favored rallying cries of the modern political left is the “encroachment” of religion on the state. Ironically, they are woefully uninformed on the current state of the freedom of religious expression and their political success in the matter. Xan White exhibits this ignorance in his column “Church and state, subtly split” (Jan. »