John Scrudato
Scrudato: Making our passions safer

Like most of the Yale community, I was shocked to awaken this past Wednesday to the news of Michele Dufault’s ’11 death. There are simply […]

Scrudato: Thanks for the logic bomb

If there’s one thing Yale has too much of, it’s overbearing, sentimental moralizing. Which is why I’d like to commend James Mendelson for his emotionless, […]

Scrudato: Going to Tea

No doubt you’ve heard the stories. There’s a political storm is brewing, and it’s based on anger. They’ve taken over our primaries; they’ve overthrown the […]

Scrudato: I demand a recount

They’re coming for you. At least, the census coordinators are if you didn’t complete their form. They reached a 94.6 percent compliance rate, but they’re […]

Scrudato: Can we get more secure? No.

The Issue In the wake of the failed Christmas Day terrorist attack on Northwest Airlines Flight 253, is stepping up airport security the best way […]

Scrudato: Inconclusive data

This weekend, world leaders are preparing to push for new regulatory policies to combat global warming at the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, […]

Scrudato: Politics of revenge

As a nation, we find ourselves lost in a stormy sea of doubt. As our troubles grow, we search for a captain capable of taking […]

Scrudato: For an independent leader

Many years ago, Henry Ford famously said that customers could have their cars painted any color they wanted so long as it was black. This […]

Scrudato: Debate, not controversy

Just a couple of weeks ago, cartoonist Kurt Westergaard’s visit to campus for a Branford Master’s Tea ignited a fiery debate over the nature of […]

Scrudato: Preserve Grove Street Cemetery

In New Haven there is a distinctive duality, a feeling that there exist here two very different cities, married by only by geographical proximity. It […]

Scrudato: Everyone hates Fox News

I have a confession to make. I used to watch Fox News. I used to, that is, until I came to Yale and discovered that […]