Many of the buses that used Prospect Street have altered their daily route. Students should plan for extra travel time.

Prospect Street bridge undergoes repair

September 3, 2009 • 2
For New Haven’s bridges, the third time’s the charm. The replacement of the Prospect Street Bridge, which began in May, is running six months ahead of schedule, and is now on track to finish in December. The progress is especially remarkable since the recent makeovers on the sister bridges on Hillhouse Avenue and Temple Street »

With demolition, it’s not easy being green

September 2, 2009 • 1
Preservationists also have raised concerns about the environmental cost of demolishing buildings, which creates mountains of waste. Patrick Pinnell ’71 ARC ’74, a critic of the demolition plans who is author of “Yale University: The Campus Guide,” said the University should be concerned about demolishing functional buildings for sustainability reasons as well as historical ones. »
Hammond Hall, the former home of the Sculpture Department, is among the buildings facing demolition to make way for Yale's new residential colleges.

Yale sticks to demolition plans

September 2, 2009 • 1
As Yale prepares to demolish some of the buildings on the site of the two new residential colleges this fall, state officials and local preservationists are buzzing with talk of whether some of the structures can be saved. Although they have no authority to stop the bulldozers, which could start work over the next few »

Harkness bells silent until May

August 28, 2009 • 1
Yale’s most iconic landmark will spend the year shrouded behind a mask of tarp and steel. There will be no bells and there will be no vistas as Harkness Tower remains draped in scaffolding during its yearlong renovation. The project, whose cost was not disclosed, is scheduled to finish in June, but the contractor hopes »

Renovations underway at Harkness Tower

August 20, 2009 • 14
Harkness Tower, Yale’s most iconic landmark, will spend the year shrouded behind a mask of tarp and steel as it is being renovated. The construction project is scheduled to finish in June, but the contractor supervising the project hopes to have the tower ready in time for Commencement in May. Until then, the Harkness bells »

2,868 receive degrees at 308th Commencement

May 25, 2009 • 7
Yale College Dean Mary Miller got more than she asked for when the class of 2009 received their degrees Monday. At Class Day on Sunday, Miller told the 1,273 undergraduates to cheer when she asked University President Richard Levin to confer their degrees at Commencement. Indeed, when the time came on Monday, they roared, and »

YaleNext project to reduce costs, improve efficiency

April 22, 2009 • 2
For Yale’s business managers, maneuvering through a maze of computer applications, Web sites, networks and paper forms on 11 separate systems is all in a day’s work. But all that’s about to change as the University prepares to overhaul its internal operations, unifying the disparate systems into a single, fully integrated portal. The multi-million-dollar project, »

From coffers to cash

April 17, 2009 • 5
It’s a tough question: “Every month, David Swensen has to write a check for $100 million to the University,” Deputy Provost Charles Long said, referring to Yale’s chief investments officer. “Imagine you’re Swensen. What’re you going to sell?” As turmoil in the financial markets continues, the University’s Investments Office still has to fulfill its obligation »

Planning for new colleges continues

April 16, 2009 • 4
Despite the delay of the two new residential colleges, the New Colleges Advisory Committee met Monday for the first time since the economy went south. The meeting, which was convened on relatively short notice, covered little new business. But it signals that although construction of the colleges has been tabled, design work and planning are »

Briefly: Harvard restructures to cut budget

April 16, 2009 • 0
Harvard’s Faculty of Arts of Sciences will reduce its budget by 19 percent, or $220 million, over the next two years. The dean, Michael Smith, said in a talk with faculty and staff Tuesday that six groups of professors, staff and students would be formed to identify areas in which to make the cuts. The »

News analysis: University could face budget deficit

April 13, 2009 • 3
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. The cuts to next year’s operating budget may not be enough to offset the entirety of Yale’s budget shortfall, in which case the University will have to scrounge up funds to cover the rest. When the endowment took a nosedive in 2008, it »

Briefly: Canal Street closed as work on Prospect Street Bridge begins

April 7, 2009 • 0
Though the 89-year-old Prospect Street Bridge itself will stay in service until the summer, some preparation for its $3.5 million replacement has already begun. Work began Monday with the closure of Canal Street between Lock and Prospect Street as the contractor, C.J. Fucci, began working on the utilities and pilings. The Prospect Street Bridge proper, »