Plans for Morse, Stiles revealed

April 3, 2009 • 15
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Morsels and Stilesians crowded into the dark and cramped Stiles common room Thursday for a glimpse at a brighter, sleeker future.Despite a freeze on nearly all other campus construction, the $150 million renovation of Morse and Ezra Stiles colleges are set to move »

Q&A | Iceland seeks help of Yale professor

March 31, 2009 • 2
After almost four years of rapid economic expansion, the entire Icelandic banking system melted down last October, resulting in the biggest banking collapse that any country has suffered, relative to its size. The country’s financial success from 2003 to 2007 — during which the Icelandic stock market multiplied by nine times — turned out to »

Glass brings radio magic to Yale

March 25, 2009 • 0
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. As Ira Glass ascended to the stage before a packed Law School auditorium, the audience erupted in enthusiastic applause. But as Glass, radio personality and the speaker for the Poynter Fellowship’s annual Gary G. Fryer Memorial Lecture, settled behind his desk, the entire »

Danger in the dining halls for Elis with allergies

February 17, 2009 • 244
It came as a shock when roommates found Sabrina Karim ’11 collapsed on her bed shortly after dinner last January. After seeing hives on Karim’s arms and head, her roommates immediately administered her EpiPen before calling for Yale’s minibus service to Yale University Health Services. “The minibus driver thought I was drunk,” Karim said. “Only »

Howard Dean, professor?

January 26, 2009 • 8
After a nearly 30-year stint in politics, Howard Dean ’71 is hoping to return to the Elm City — this time as a professor. Dean, the former governor of Vermont and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, has applied to teach a residential college seminar, “Understanding Politics and Politicians,” alongside David Berg ’71 GRD »

All-night study returns to Bass

December 2, 2008 • 4
Bass Library will continue its 24-hour service during reading week, but if students do not follow the rules, the program may be in jeopardy. Last semester when Bass Library first offered the service, nocturnal students taking advantage of the program to study were joined by a handful of others who brought in tents, sleeping bags, »

Jugglers present history of world

November 11, 2008 • 0
Neon lights dashed and jumped across a dark stage as jugglers threw Chinese yo-yos and glow sticks into the air. The Yale Anti-Gravity Society, the on-campus organization for juggling aficionados, put on two performances of “A Juggler’s History of the Western World” — which traces the history of mankind from the temptation of Eve to »

For int’l Elis, ’08 matters

November 5, 2008 • 0
While scores of students headed to the polls on Tuesday, Shazan Jiwa ’09 did not cast his vote. But this year, Jiwa has actively campaigning with Yale for McCain, volunteering his spare time to talk with undecided students and share his views on the election. Sen. John McCain, Jiwa would argue, should be the next »

Harvard pres. discusses book

October 30, 2008 • 5
While the soldiers of the American Civil War are long dead, they were preoccupied with their deaths long before we were. While researching for her last book, Harvard University President and historian Drew Gilpin Faust noticed a startling lack of scholarly work on the theme of death in the Civil War, she said at a »

Present professor, past president

October 24, 2008 • 1
Although Aarthy Thamodaran ’09 was well aware that her “Debating Globalization” professor was the former president of Mexico, it took both Bill Clinton and Jon Stewart for the notion to hit home. Sitting in his seminar with 19 others this fall, Thamodaran said she remembered Ernesto Zedillo GRD ’81 discussing the 50-billion dollar loan that »

Despite downturn, galleries still stable

October 21, 2008 • 0
While stocks tank, jobs disappear and “bailout” flashes across headlines, one can rest assured that the invaluable works at Yale’s art galleries are safe from any immediate danger. As one of the top-ten withholding art institutions in the country, Yale is still buying and selling art at the normal rate, said Amy Meyers, director of »

At YPU, a call for ROTC’s return

October 7, 2008 • 4
Three days after starting work at Bear Sterns and three weeks after getting married to his high school sweetheart, Capt. Pete Hegseth decided to go to Iraq — and he does not regret his choice. In fact, the ROTC recruit and Princeton alumnus believes that military recruitment can be beneficial on an Ivy League campus, »