Eileen Shim
Harvard pres. discusses book

While the soldiers of the American Civil War are long dead, they were preoccupied with their deaths long before we were. While researching for her […]

Present professor, past president

Although Aarthy Thamodaran ’09 was well aware that her “Debating Globalization” professor was the former president of Mexico, it took both Bill Clinton and Jon […]

Despite downturn, galleries still stable

While stocks tank, jobs disappear and “bailout” flashes across headlines, one can rest assured that the invaluable works at Yale’s art galleries are safe from […]

At YPU, a call for ROTC’s return

Three days after starting work at Bear Sterns and three weeks after getting married to his high school sweetheart, Capt. Pete Hegseth decided to go […]

Double take | Chafee unseated by a Yalie

Brown University graduate Sen. Lincoln Chafee lost his incumbency two years ago. He wants to make sure there are no hard feelings. The man who […]

For Chafee, hail to the Party

Sen. Lincoln Chafee is a formal Republican-turned-Independent. He is for abortion and gay rights. He is against unilateralism. And he voted for Barack Obama in […]

English major sees reforms

Following a systematic two-year review, the English Department announced last spring two changes to major requirements that administrators say are aimed to encourage students to […]

New toilets flush with less gusto

The new residents of McClellan Hall found a surprise waiting for them when they got back to campus for move-in week: instructions for using the […]