Lind: So long, schedule

October 22, 2008
Last Saturday, I missed the Safety Dance again. During my time here I have attended exactly one Safety Dance — sophomore year — and missed the other three. And, yes, I’ve been keeping track. If I were a less honest woman, I’d try to persuade you that I’ve been taking a stand against classism. The »

Lind: Faces may change, but ideas persist

September 26, 2008
I’m not yet sure exactly how I feel about being a senior — besides the blunt existential terror that accompanies any attempt to shoehorn “anthropology major” and “employability” into the same sentence, that is. But I do appreciate some of the perks that Yale, as an institution, bestows upon me in the final year before »

Lind: Pondering police presence

September 16, 2008
Dear Chief Perrotti: So what’s up with all the police around campus? We’ve been looking pretty hard for information from you on this, and we haven’t found any. No loving postscript in any of your emails, no “Coffee and Donuts with the Yale Police” question-and-answer session, not even a page on your Security Awareness Web »

Lind: Self-defeating academia

September 8, 2008
The beginning of each year provides plenty of reminders of just how many regulations Yale has: from the “Undergraduate Tenant Manual” that awaited me in my common room upon arrival to the friendly note in my registration packet reminding me that I won’t be able to graduate in May without taking another science class this »

A healthier four-year strategy: unapologetic awe

August 29, 2008
This summer I met the front man for one of my favorite bands — and proceeded to get mortally star struck. It felt something like being paralyzed, if paralysis involved a lot of blushing, stammering and staring at my shoes. Eventually I gained my composure, but I remained mortified; I was convinced that, as a »

Falsifying campus unity lowers value of its diversity

April 17, 2008
Maybe it’s the fact that I spent much of last week in Madison, Wis., and I wanted to offset a steady diet of Midwestern cheer with a bit of East Coast snarling ambition. Maybe it’s the fact that the race to the Democratic nomination gets more stagnant, even bitter, with each passing day, and I »

Elis graduate with no skills — and few prospects

April 3, 2008
March Madness isn’t over yet. Who cares? The admissions game is the most closely followed varsity sport at Yale, and this week brought us some great news: Our team has bounced back from an off year to place second in the division. Well done. Of course, the fact that Yale’s admissions become more competitive every »

In creating dialogue, Elis should raise the bar

March 6, 2008
I haven’t yet signed the “Setting a New Tone” poster-petitions that have sprung up across campus in the last week. I still don’t know how the “genuine dialogue” urged by the posters would play out at Yale, and I’m hesitant to endorse anything I don’t understand. That word — dialogue — gets thrown around a »

Change your Prospect of campus with the times

February 21, 2008
It might be unsurprising, given how liberal we are most of the time, that when Yalies take conservative positions, we tend to be pretty dumb about it. I’m referring to the last-gasp outcry surrounding the expansion of Yale College, which the Yale Corporation will undoubtedly rubber-stamp by the week’s end. Students have decided that two »

Yankee Doodle, Barack Obama: Two peas in a pod?

February 7, 2008
It’s been a productive couple of weeks for movements at Yale University. On Tuesday night, the efforts of dozens of Yalies over the last month (and especially the last few days) were rewarded with Senator Barack Obama’s close victory in the Connecticut primary. The win was by no means inevitable: Obama’s margin of victory in »

Yale on harassment: No talk, no action

January 24, 2008
It is possible, though not likely, that Yale will have taken decisive action to resolve the “YALE SLUTS” dispute by the time this column goes to press. National blogs have picked up the story, and Yale as an institution never moves more rapidly than when its reputation is under threat (see also: last year’s stage »

At college, break with past sometimes permanent

December 6, 2007
The death of Yale School of Drama student Pierre-Andre Salim DRA ’09 wasn’t much of a news event for undergraduates, but it was difficult not to notice the 41 comments the News’ story (“Student dies in accident at Yale Rep” 11/26) generated on its Web site. Most of these didn’t come from anyone at Yale, »