Dara Lind
Groups are all about choice — unlike colleges

Last Friday’s News’ View took a staple of passing conversation and reapplied it as a social observation: Students never have enough time to do all […]

Humanities: no more than sum of its parts

The question of “What’s your major?” is stock conversation filler at college, but it seems to be an exchange I’m having more often than usual […]

Advice isn’t always paternalistic

December was a very bad month for me. This is not, I gather, an uncommon sentiment. Yale seems to operate at breakneck speed toward the […]

Bad press may be to blame for drop in apps

543 is a lot of missing people. This number may not be immediately recognizable. Up until now, it has been put another way: 13 percent, […]

Campaign shows age divide in politics

Last weekend, over 100 Yale students left campus in a passionate, statewide effort to work on key congressional campaigns. In a huge push for the […]

Redefinition of campus necessitates change

“There are only two shifts here,” a cashier at Gourmet Heaven explained to me the other day, struggling to keep his eyes open as he […]

‘Closet cases’ can’t break out of stereotypes

Earlier this year, the University added “gender identity and expression” to its nondiscrimination policy. During last spring’s campaign to add the phrase, student advocates emphasized […]