Reward effort with secondary concentrations

February 5, 2004 • 0
Allow me to make a taboo proposal. At the risk of having my Yale ID revoked, I’d like to suggest that we follow Princeton’s lead on something. No, I’m not suggesting that we convert the residential colleges into eating clubs, whitewash the student body, abandon our fearsome bulldog for some second-rate feline, or start pretending »

On Broadway, past must be lesson

November 19, 2003 • 0
The ballots are in: Alexia Crawford jokes are officially passe. Like WMD, Gigli or the Governator — or Monica Lewinsky, dimpled chads, or Enron in an earlier era — the Alexia Crawford punch line has simply exhausted its laugh potential. October’s Yale Herald cartoon was the end of the line. The Alexia Crawford joke has »