Daniel Weisfield
Arson trial shouldn’t involve outside issues

Yale students are godless, flag-burning arsonists with no respect for liberty, freedom or the American way. If you lacked proof before, you have it now: […]

In praise of print: Periodicals will endure

The media has been all over the media this week. The good news is that this narcissism may be justified. On April 8, The New […]

‘Lion King’ Generation waits to take throne

Our generation needs a name. The slacker generation got their X. Our parents got their Boom. We’ve been preceded by the Silent Generation, the Beat […]

Exceptionalists fill college, Capitol Hill

If you want to know why President George W. Bush ’68 thinks it’s okay to wiretap U.S. citizens without a warrant, just ask a transfer […]

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Is sexual immoderation the new marijuana? When my boss from a summer internship at the State Department was here in the late ’70s, the Branford […]

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The sun never sets on the Levin empire. In 2006, with the opening of a new Yale-in-Beijing program to complement the Elizabethan chic of Yale-in-London, […]

Some spell out a social class

Is spelling ability Yale’s new litmus test for social class? For my grandmother’s generation, teeth were a good enough giveaway. Access to orthodontics in this […]

Yale comes out of closet, into synagogue

In 1929, Robert Corwin, Yale’s admissions chairman, griped that the list of names of recently admitted students “reads like some of the ‘begat’ portions of […]

What’s the real lure of ‘Grand Strategy’?

It’s mid-October, the air is turning crisp, and a certain breed of undergraduate is already whispering about the application for “Studies in Grand Strategy.” The […]

Why CCL should be a Yale exclusive

If the Yale administration wants to do something to improve student life, I have a suggestion: Ban the townies from the computer clusters in CCL. […]

Rethinking the myth of the Yalie

A Yalie stole my skateboard last week. It was taken, on Friday night, from the Saybrook courtyard, where I had propped it against a wall […]