More lab spaces a must for expansion

February 29, 2008
With the addition of two new residential colleges, Science Hill might one day be bustling with undergraduates. So many of them, in fact, that there might not be enough room for them in the nearby science laboratories. Administrators vow the two colleges proposed to go up on Prospect Street will inject new life into Science »

Disordered eating

February 27, 2008
You count calories, you exercise daily, you’ve gone on crash diets to lose weight — but you tell yourself you’re just “living healthy.” While these may not be symptoms of a clinically diagnosable eating disorder, experts and student activists on campus say that they constitute a pattern of disordered eating — a condition that may »

Viruses may fight brain tumors

February 24, 2008
Viruses may be a useful therapeutic arsenal against the most pervasive forms of brain tumors — provided they can be engineered to be safe, a recent study by researchers at the medial school reported this week. When vesicular stomatitis virus — a lab-created virus distantly related to the rabies viruses — is administered into the »

Med. school scientists develop blood test for early-stage ovarian cancer

February 14, 2008
Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine have developed a blood test that detects early-stage ovarian cancer with 99.4 percent accuracy, which researchers say will temper the high death races associated with the disease. The blood test is a marked improvement over a diagnostic technique developed by the same group in 2005 that detected ovarian »

‘Green’ events up for gold, silver and bronze

February 14, 2008
A recent collaboration between the Yale Sustainability Office, the Yale Sustainable Food Project, Yale Recycling and Yale Catering will give community members a chance to take “green” matters into their own hands — and receive awards for it. The four organizations have developed a set of practical advice, called Sustainable Event Guidelines, for campus event »

Summers explores science of sexuality

February 13, 2008
What is desire? How would one describe and study it? How does it change over one’s lifetime? “And what are its units — centimeters per second?” joked professor Bill Summers, who has been teaching “The Biology of Gender and Sexuality,” more commonly known as “Porn in the Morn,” for four years. “I mean, it sounds »

Nursing dean’s study one of most influential

February 8, 2008
Groundbreaking research by Yale School of Nursing Dean Margaret Grey and her colleagues was recently honored as being among the top ten most influential nursing studies in the 22-year history of the National Institute of Nursing Research, according to “Changing Practice, Changing Lives: 10 Landmark Nursing Research Studies,” a publication issued by the NINR last »

Elis unconcerned by campus drug use

February 7, 2008
It started as a way to pack more into his days. A Yale junior, who asked to remain anonymous, began taking Ritalin when his friend offered him a bottle she had inherited from someone who had stopped taking his prescription. He has been taking Ritalin “on and off” for just under a year now. And »

Dean engineers crack in glass ceiling

February 5, 2008
When she conceptualized the freshman seminar “The Engineering of Ice Cream,” Kyle Vanderlick, then the chair of Princeton’s Chemical Engineering Department, was looking for a way to get college students excited about the possibilities of engineering. The introductory-level engineering course packed in all the basics — everything from the thermodynamics of refrigerators and the chemistry »

Professor launches Yale-Ghana research exchange

February 1, 2008
Last summer, Emily Mosites EPH ’08 spent 11 weeks traveling the most rural areas of the Kintampo, Ghana on foot. She and her team were searching villages for people unknowingly infected with hookworm — a soil-born parasite that is a leading cause of anemia and malnutrition in the developing world. Mosites found prevalence to be »

ITS continues push to expand wireless access

January 31, 2008
An Information Technology Services initiative announced in September aimed at providing students and faculty access to wireless from anywhere on campus is well underway, ITS representatives said, but it may still be some time before all 12 residential colleges enjoy full coverage. Having expanded wireless Internet access to fully cover Linsly-Chittenden Hall, William L. Harkness »

In Ivy League, science research an interdisciplinary venture

January 28, 2008
Although popular perception may see the United States as falling behind in producing scientists, all may not be lost — at least within the Ivy League. Both Yale and Columbia have launched expansion programs involving the acquisition of new land that will strengthen and expand existing resources in science and engineering. Both expansions reflect a »