Hamilton left mark on sciences

Running late after a brief visit to his laboratory, a hurried Andy Hamilton walked into his first-floor office in Warner House at 9:30 one morning last spring. Apologizing to a visitor waiting for him, he grabbed a tie off his desk, walked over to a mirror in the back of his office and put it […]


Practice makes perfect

Meet Sim-Man. He cannot walk, or talk, or do anything regular humans can do. He can, however, fake a myocardial infarction, pretend to vomit or act as if he is dying. Sim-Man is an instructional mannequin known as a “simulator,” a fairly recent innovation in the field of medical education. Simulation technology has been in […]


Political violence shown to breed violent behavior

For immigrants who fled their homelands to escape the daily reality of political violence, violence — though in another form — may have followed them across the borders, according to new research released by the Yale School of Public Health. In the first research study of its genre, researchers found that immigrant men from the […]


In MB&B 320, rewriting the tree of life

It’s been two years since molecular biophysics and biochemistry professor Scott Strobel’s famed brainchild — MB&B 320: “Rainforest Expedition and Laboratory” — was born. Two treks through the Amazon River basin and hours of lab work later, its students have more than just spring-break snapshots of the rainforest to show for it. The group of […]


For Yale team, a search for dark matter

Yale scientists began work Wednesday on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the largest and most expensive international particle physics experiment to be undertaken to date. The Yale team, which will work on ATLAS, one of the six LHC experiments, will join nearly 7,000 scientists from 80 other countries that are expected to experiment with the […]


Salovey: An ‘emotional’ student

Every Friday morning, nearly without fail, Dean — soon-to-be Provost — Peter Salovey puts away his administrative to-do list. He files away reports on academic budgets and faculty appointments, closes his e-mail inbox and walks a little ways up Science Hill, where, at his lab’s weekly meeting, he can be a psychologist again. “It’s a […]


Briefly: AIDS research gets $11 million grant

Yale University’s Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS, one of eight HIV research centers in the country, announced yesterday it will receive a grant of $11 million from the National Institute of Mental Health, which will help fund another five years of HIV/AIDS research and health-care projects. The aid will allow the Center to continue […]


Around New Haven: Cancer center celebrates funding

Late in July, the Smilow Cancer Hospital celebrated a milestone in its construction — a ceremony at which its final steel girders were fixed onto the 14th floor. In attendance were Yale-New Haven Hospital employees, construction workers and students from Meadowside Elementary School in Milford, there to support a classmate recently treated for brain cancer […]


Natural births: Better after all?

The adage “no pain, no gain” may have some truth to it after all. Mothers who give birth vaginally show significantly greater brain activity in response to their baby’s cry than mothers who have chosen a Cesarean section, new research conducted by a group of researchers at the Yale Child Study Center suggests. The group, […]


Discovering a tiny gene’s role in big diseases

Nearly five years ago, scientists completed one of the largest international projects in research history, tremendous in its scope and importance. They determined the sequence of the nearly 30,000 genes in the human genome. Although the Human Genome Project introduced the concept of ‘completeness’ to human biology for the first time, it was just the […]


UpClose: In sciences, female-faculty ‘leak’ begins early

As a college student, Joan Steitz was fascinated by science. A chemistry major, Steitz stumbled upon molecular biology — then an emerging field — while assisting senior scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Through her laboratory stint, Steitz even befriended James Watson, one of the scientists responsible for discovering the DNA double helix. At […]