BREAKING: Shots fired on High Street

UPDATED Saturday 6:32 p.m. A New Haven resident was shot early Saturday morning on High Street near Yale fraternities Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Yale Police Department Lt. Joseph Vitale said that the victim was not a Yale student and that his injuries were not life-threatening. Witnesses on the scene reported hearing three to four shots around 1 a.m. Both YPD and New Haven police officers are investigating the area in front of the Cambridge Arms apartments 32 High Street, Vitale said, adding that the victim had been shot in the arm and was removed from the scene via ambulance.

The shooting happened on Yale’s main fraternity row, and bullet hole was visible in one of the Cambridge Arms’ gutters.

Police closed High Street between at Ay! Salsa and Crown Street, but reopened it when the on-scene investigation was considered complete at 1:32 a.m.

At 1:40 a.m. Yale sent out an alert about the shooting, asking that students avoid the area.

YPD Chief Ronnell Higgins sent out an e-mail to the campus at 2:30 a.m. reporting that a suspect was arrested near the shooting in the possession of a handgun.

Because the shooting took place on a city street, the New Haven Police Department is handling the ongoing investigation. NHPD spokesman Joseph Avery did not return requests for comment.

This incident is the seventh time shots were fired near Yale’s campus in two months, a situation that YPD Spokesman Steven Woznyk has said the department is actively working on. Strategies have included doubling the department’s patrols and specifically targeting high-risk areas.

Saturday’s shooting was the closest incident to campus since at least five shots were fired outside of Alpha Delta Pizza on Elm and Howe streets Apr. 9.

Like the fraternity row shooting, the Apr. 9 incident occurred early on a Saturday morning between New Haven residents not associated with Yale. Both shootings took place in a popular late-night hangout area for undergraduates.

2011 is on track to be the deadliest year in the past decade for New Haven. The city has already seen 13 murders.


  • Y_11

    Walking home (I live on High between Chapel and Crown) at 3:15AM, there was not a single cop to be seen anywhere near the scene of the crime.

    However, there were 4 YPD cars and at least 5 cops dealing with a drunk looking student a block up (Elm and High).

    Is that really the best use of resources, YPD? Shouldn’t there be a cop stationed AT THE SITE A SHOOTING LESS THAN THREE HOURS AFTER A SHOOTING to make the residents of the area feel safe.

    It seems like the YPD needs to get their priorities straight.

  • caliyalie

    I live at Crown Towers and watched the incident directly after the shots were fired. The police were on the scene right away. Luckily the victim seemed to not be seriously hurt; he was sitting up while waiting for EMS, and then was able to walk to the ambulance. The police cordoned off the whole block for maybe an hour, then quickly pulled it all and completely disappeared around 2:30A. There is one police car parked on High Street this morning, but I agree with the above comment. Why wouldn’t they place at least one car at the scene of a shooting while people were still walking home??? I realize that resources are scarce, but their number one priority should be to protect, not hassle drunk students. If it means that the police need to be strategically placed at popular bars frequented on Friday and Saturday night, THEN SO BE IT. People are getting shot, and this is ridiculous.

  • yeahright

    It’s tough to get your priorities straight when the department’s Chief in incompetent and inexperienced, surrounding himself with boot lickers and “Yes” men !

  • charlesgyer

    While this horrible incident went without timely intervention by the New Haven Police, cops were waiting outside of a liquor store near campus, checking the ID’s of people carrying alcohol. Way to go New Haven- if you required your cops to have IQ’s higher than room temperature, maybe we wouldn’t have as many shootings.


    Wow! Cheap shot yeahright, especially from someone who can’t type.

  • Leah

    @Y_11, I was also on Elm St around 3am, and I think the large number of cops circulating was the result of the serious car crash that shut down Elm by York. They probably intervened with the drunk since they were already there.

  • yaleman34

    This is terrifying…so many Yale undergraduates live in the area. Yale needs to get this situation under control. Student safety should priority #1, and this incident was too close for comfort.

    There used to be a cop stationed on the corner of Crown and High after the shooting incident on College earlier this fall. They took him off the post a couple months after…I guess thinking things were safer? Not smart. I can’t wait to get out of this town.

  • grumpyalum

    Seriously, how do any of you actually propose this “getting” under control? Kick out all non-Yale individuals within a three block radius?

    There’s very little Yale could do other than fund a thousand person police force to roam the streets near campus.

  • guestuser

    grumpyalum does have a point. If we accept gun violence and other forms of crime as permanent fixtures of New Haven life, the city could save money by disbanding the police department– or at least most of the police department; we would, of course, still need police officers to supervise intersections near construction sites.

  • silliwin01

    Charles, liquor stores in CT close at 9:00 due to the puritan heritage of the state. The shooting in question happened four hours after that. It seems very possible, given modern locomotive technology, that the cops could have relocated themselves in the interim from establishments selling alcohol to areas at high risk for violent criminal activity

  • The Anti-Yale

    “Seriously, how do any of you actually propose this “getting” under control?”

    Foot patrols.

  • YaleDad14

    Why doesn’t the university wire the area surrounding the campus with CCTV and improve the lighting as required. Once the criminals know, and I suggest you advertise the fact, they will avoid the area. Although this would be expensive it would be well worth sacrificing a days interest on our endowment fund in order to assure the safety of our students. Yale doesn’t need another controversy and the bad press that goes with it and more importantly, I want my daughter to be safe and free to walk down the street from her dorm w/out being in harm’s way.

  • mysitcaly4u

    @ charlesgyer, if you are talking about the officer jumping out of his van, he also ID me, he is a Yale Police supervisor, NOT a new haven officer.

  • The Anti-Yale


    What a sensible proposal. I suggest you contact Woodbridge Hall directly. I’ ve been warning about what I call the “noose of New Haven violence tightening around Yale’s Gothic neck” for at least 35 years now. No one listens.

    Perhaps a new voice from a concerned parent might prompt action.

    Paul Keane

  • joey00

    To Silliwin – I do believe that the sale of liqour or beer cannot transpire after 8 pm in Connecticut.
    If one sees a patron enter one well after 8 ,or even 2 minutes after 8 ,then the packie can get into trouble ( fines)
    Nobody wants to see an inebriated student or partyer or any kind get behind the wheel of a vehicle.
    So maybe the cops want to know if he/she lives nearby and lets them continue.
    If that arrest quota is still in place and the police antagonise or goad the obviously drunken dude into swearing and / or telling the cop off,then he wins a trip to stinky cell downtown

  • johnbethke

    Y.P.D. is far too busy with traffic violations and homeless people,(Open containers, drinking in public,marijuana possession,etc.) to protect the people they’re supposed to!!!

    To “Serve And Protect” can sometimes mean ; What’s in it for me?

  • dfsdfs

    johnbethke, please explain how cops get anything out of seeing someone committing a crime and going after them? cops can’t pick and choose what crimes to pursue. if they see a crime happen, they’re under a legal obligation to go forward with it. don’t look at the cops if anything, look at the system.

  • rr22

    soooooooo, why doesn’t the article say anything about the context in which the person was shot? that seems like relevant information to those of us who walk by there every day. was it a mugging gone wrong? random violence? this article is painfully devoid of details.

  • harbinger

    While the Anti-Yale wrings his hands in fear from 300 miles away and trolls for hits on his blog, lets ask a simple question. How much more are Yale students and the parents willing to pay towards increased security around campus? Do you want a police officer in every building? How about arming the security people? Cameras on Old Campus and the in the colleges? How much security are you willing to have, and what do you want it to do? There is a city outside the gates that does not belong to Yale. Most of the crime can be traced to certain elements among the population, but we’re too politically correct to admit that. If you want the Yale Police to be a benevolent babysitter for your children and turn a blind eye to thier actions, you can’t seriously expect the local citizens to be forced to recognize the authority of what is a private police force. Crime happens, at Columbia or Harvard or here. Either lock the gates and accept more security and become an armed camp, or provide more resources to asist the city in keeping the great unwashed ay least three blocks from your Ivy walls.

  • The Anti-Yale


    You’ve got iPhones Big Brothering you without your consent. Why not consent to Yaledad14’s idea for
    digital monitoring of public places around Yale to discourage criminals? Homicide is irreversible.

    BTW : 200 miles. You can call it “trolling” if you wish to surrender to the sloppy jargon of the digital world. . It used to be called researching. It’s MY BIRTHPLACE and CHILDHOOD after all, not YOURS!


  • Boogs

    Why can’t the authorities in New Haven be all places at all times? They should be! Far better for police to be everywhere than precious young people going home to bed by 1am. Sh*t happens. New Haven is not the quaint homogeneous suburb that most Yale kids grew up in. You are not a precious wall flower. The world will go on when you are gone.

  • The Anti-Yale

    “The world will go on when you are gone.”

    I hope you mean “gone from Yale.”

    Why tempt fate if you can thwart it?

    YaleDad14 has a good idea.


  • Skeptic

    In New Haven we have evolved a culture that is totally distrustful of the NHPD… from personal experience, the YPD is somewhat better, however. Somehow His Honor, the Mayor, needs to completely revamp the NHPD and restore community confidence in the NHPD. The terrible wave of violence in recent years in New Haven is partly the result of the “code of silence” in parts of our community. Our citizens no longer see themselves as partners with the police in fighting crime. This leads to the current adversarial relationship between the police and the citizenry. It must be changed!

  • yalestudent

    I like how no one has suggested that perhaps undergrads could avoid such crime by not hanging around certain areas known to be problems (Crown Street, Elm and High) in the wee hours of the morning. Yes, the police should do a good job and perhaps could be doing a better job. But New Haven is a difficult city to police, and the fact is that Yale is located downtown near popular nightlife spots that attract people from all different walks of life. I’ve had a wonderful social life at Yale while managing to avoid walking in these areas in the middle of the night. There are ample opportunities to host and attend raucous parties on campus, and no one is forcing undergrads who live off campus to live off campus. Undergrads need to realize that it’s rare to find a city where you can expect 0% risk of crime when walking down a public street at 2 am. New Haven isn’t going to change any time soon, and undergrads need to take some responsibility for their safety (which I believe they already do, to some extent).

  • realyalestudent


    I live on high between crown and chapel, along with hundreds of other students. And Elm and High, are you serious? That’s basically the center of campus. Are you suggesting we all go home before midnight and barricade ourselves in our rooms every night so that the big bad ‘real people’ can’t hurt us as they shoot each other outside our homes?

  • The Anti-Yale

    plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

    I was mugged in the St. Thomas Moore parking lot at midnight thirty years ago near Elm and Howe streets..

  • blueandwhite14

    You’ve failed to acknowledge the fact that the Yale campus extends beyond the gated walls of Old Campus. The School of Architecture is part of downtown New Haven. Some fraternities are located on the same street the shooting took place at. Your statement implies that parties at frats are off campus. Though Yale doesn’t officially recognize the fraternities as Yale establishments, they are still a part of the Yale campus…

    Adding onto YaleDad14’s suggestion, the number of blue light phones should be increased across campus. And by “campus”, I am not solely referring to Cross Campus, Old Campus and the yards of the residential colleges. I refer to all areas of New Haven that students frequent, whether it be the fraternity locations or Yale School of Art. It’s surprising that I have not noticed a single blue phone near the Starbucks on Chapel, or on Broadway .. Downtown New Haven is still a part of the Yale campus, and that needs to be acknowledged.

  • harbinger

    @ Anti-Yale You mention digital monitoring of public areas, while a nice idea how do you imagine it would deter these type of crimes? The city, hospital and Yale have cameras everywhere. There are cameras at stores banks, gas stations and ATM’s. The presence of all the cameras we have in the city and around campus now doesn’t seem to impress the criminal element in the least. They are good for after the fact video if they happened to catch the criminals in the act. And who is going to watch all these cameras and respond if you’re lucky enough to see a criminal act occur? I know most of the residential areas have no cameras because the students don’t wish to have big brother observing the hijinks in the dorms. Same reason there is no actual security at college entrances. As I said we can either decide to become an armed camp and swallow the increased cost, or simply realize we live in a city and be aware of our surroundings and act accordingly. As to increased blue phones, the university would need to reach agreements with the city and private proerty owners to put them in place, surpisingly Yale doesn’t own the entire city yet. And just to clarify your hereditary claim of ownership to New Haven, it’s my birthplace also and I still live here.

  • HighStreet2010

    The owner of Gastro got shot in basically the same location a couple of years ago iirc. Some things just don’t change, welcome to New Haven.

  • JohnnyE


    > I like how no one has suggested that perhaps undergrads could avoid such crime by not hanging around certain areas known to be problems (Crown Street, Elm and High) in the wee hours of the morning.

    Suggesting it would mean you are either a hermit or a troll. It’s not like those streets are in the center of campus or anything. How many residential colleges are on the intersection of Elm and High alone?

  • Yale12

    lol, what, yalestudent? you think elm and high are “problem areas”?!? are you sure you’re actually a yale student?

  • silliwin01

    Elm west of Park and High south of Chapel could both easily be described as problem areas.

  • smartypants79

    there is crime in other cities, but the crime rate in new haven is on par w. MUCH larger cities. Boston might have crime like this, but it’s largely confined to certain areas of town. Harvard Square and the surrounding area doesn’t have a murder rate like New Haven. To suggest anything similar is just absurd.

    We should be able to walk around campus at night w.o. fear of being mugged or shot. that even includes walking to starbucks, or bar, or one’s apartment.

    the more excuses we make for “this is a city” the more we condone behavior that is completely unacceptable in civil society. No one needs to accept the potentiality of being the victim of a crime as a trade off for living in this dump of a city.

  • JohnnyE

    Living in New Haven is very clearly a cost of attending Yale, and trying to spin it into a benefit is just delusional.

    smartypants79 is spot on about this mentality of “Oh, it’s a city. We should expect violence.” This mindset is not only providing no help toward the problem, it’s actually hurting discourse. To those who think of the violence in this way, seriously, what is wrong with you? If you saw racists committing hate crimes against black people in rural Mississippi, would you just say, “Well, they should expect it. It’s the Deep South after all.”

    To be able to be outside at night just a block away from campus without fear of violence is simply not an unreasonable demand. To those who think it is, I don’t know what point you are trying to make.

  • Goldie08

    @ highstreet2010:

    the owner of gastro got shot because he was a drug dealer