Briefly: Wall and High streets to remain closed to traffic

Two streets that provide major pedestrian pathways through campus should remain closed to vehicle traffic, the City Plan commission voted unanimously last week. The two streets — Wall Street between College and York and High Street between Elm and Grove — have been closed to traffic since 1990, when a cash-strapped city handed the streets over to Yale for $1.1 million. After 20 years, the 1990 deal stated, the city would review the closure of the streets; City Plan wrapped up its review with last week’s unanimous vote, which the New Haven Independent reported came after little debate on the issue. The Board of Aldermen still has to approve continued closure of the two streets.


  • harbinger

    That’s odd, I drive down Wall Street between College and York several times a week to drop off friends at the Law School and Sterling Library. And High Street is open to traffic from Wall to Grove. Maybe they mean High Street on Cross Campus between Elm and Wall.

  • FreddyHoneychurch


    Signs are posted that those parts of High and Wall are for authorized vehicles only. Of course, anyone who wants to drive through can and does, but apart from dropping people off, there’s hardly any reason to do so.

    Conclusion: non story. It would be funny if aldermen voted to reopen High between Elm and Wall, though.

  • harbinger

    It is funny, considering they still have parking meters on both Wall and High Street’s. It’s also the main access to SML and Bass, Woodbridge Hall, the Law School, a masters home and the Beinecke. Hardly an area there’s no reason to access. But it would be interesting to see a Cross Campus turned into a shortcut.