Briefly: Private bus company moves ahead with plans for New Haven service

TransportAzumah, a New York-based private bus company, has drafted a tentative schedule for its proposed Friday-Sunday express service from New Haven to Boston and New York. Beginning 11:15 a.m. Friday and ending 10:45 p.m. Sunday, the buses would depart twice a day from 344 College St. in New Haven. The proposed lines from New Haven to New York and Boston, initially advanced in response to increased pressure from the Board of Alderman for a new low-cost transportation option, cost $15 and $20, respectively, for one-way fares. If feedback to the drafted schedule from the New Haven community is positive, company owner Joel Azumah said he will start the service by Thanksgiving.



    I am happy that Low cost bus service to New York is going to start.

  • J

    Except that one way off peak tickets on the metro north railroad are only $14, so how is this less expensive?

  • Broadway Joe

    The traffic will cause many a late arrival. The driver under pressure to keep the bus on schedule will drive with wild abandon. You don’t need to be a psychic or break out the tarot cards to see many a horrific crash a comin


    NYC is easy either way. YES BOSTON.

  • ITSguy

    How is this low cost, when the Metro-North is cheaper on the weekends (off-peak)? The train will also be a lot more reliable during the winter…

    That price is going to have to come down a bit for me to consider it.

  • Karen

    In order to get a discount on TransportAzumah’s website, you have to type in the promocode “crazyfares”.

    There is no space on the paysite to add that code.

  • Richie Rich

    How has so much negativity managed to permeate this board? Here’s an alternative.. if you don’t appreciate it – hey, take Metro, hitch hike, walk, jog – “what-ever.”