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  1. Donut Crazy opens on York Street


    York Street got a bit sweeter with Donut Crazy’s long-anticipated opening.

    The shop, located at 290 York St. and just a few doors down from Ashley’s Ice Cream, had its soft opening Wednesday, with a grand opening celebration planned for Thursday. Along with donuts such as Boston cream and maple bacon, the new store also sells coffee and savory grill items, including a burger on a glazed donut. The daily donut selection, which includes classics such as chocolate glazed and cruller, sells for roughly $2, while seasonal varieties including cannoli and s’mores go for $3.25 each.

    The shop also serves beer taps, nitro cold brew and several flavors of Arethusa Farm Dairy milk.

    Owner Jason Wojnarowski said the store is a cross between a “library and bar feel.” Customers can come in to study or relax at one of many chairs, tables and sofas. During the week, Donut Crazy will close at midnight and 2 a.m. on the weekends.

    Wojnarowski added that when selecting the store’s decor, he kept the previous frozen yogurt store’s exposed ceiling beams and added other unique accents, including neon signs and quirky paintings of bulldogs, Albert Einstein and Harry Houdini.

    “[We wanted to] build something really cool and have more of a mom and pops feel, not a Dunkin Donuts feel to everything we make,” he said.

    All donuts and pastries, such as muffin and croissants, are also made in house, Wojnarowski said.

    Caitlin Dermody ’18, who celebrated her 21st birthday at Donut Crazy before its official opening, said she believes its ambiance and delicacies will make it a success.

    “The [decor] and donuts of Donut Crazy will draw students in,” she said. “But the welcoming environment will make students stay.”

    She added that she believes the eatery will be a popular hang out spot during the day and potentially after a night out.

    At the soft opening Wednesday, William Vester ’19 bought a Nutella donut. He enjoyed the quality, though perhaps not the price.

    “It was a little pricey,” Vester said. “But I’d come back to try some more.”

    Donut Crazy is offering a 10 percent discount to all Yale students.