Yale Professors create new drug that could combat prostate cancer

A Yale chemist and oncologist collaborated to create a new treatment for prostate cancer that tags specific proteins within the cancerous cells, making it easier for the body’s natural mechanisms to identify and destroy them.

New bioscience center opens downtown

Biotechnology development and innovation are taking place in New Haven with a focus on developing novel treatments for cancer patients.

Yale professors confront racial bias in computer graphics

Whose stories get to be told? Yale professors address the racial bias ingrained in the algorithms that depict humans in computer graphics.

Yale researchers unravel cosmic mysteries by discovering primordial black holes

Researchers discovered early black holes which could explain the gaps in myriad current theories about the formation of the universe.

Beinecke Library digitally reconstructs ancient papyrus

The Beinecke Library, in collaboration with the British Library, has been able to digitally reunite papyrus fragments.

After personal tragedy, two Yalies launch mental health initiative

Bryce Bjork ’20 and Ting Gao ’20 created the Brain Health Bootcamp website in order to increase access to mental health education.

Yale researchers use tensile jamming to create more dexterous robots

A team of researchers at the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Sciences successfully improved the dexterity of soft robots using a method called tensile […]

Yale graduate students found New Haven chapter of Nucleate

Yale graduate students have founded a New Haven-based branch of the non-profit organization Nucleate, which specializes in entrepreneurship in the biotechnology sector. In the long-term, […]

Yale researchers discover potential key for space travel on Mars and Titan

The ability to predict the weather on planets, such as Mars, and on Saturn’s moon Titan could help ensure the safety of space missions, both manned and unmanned.

Mars floating in space.
Yale researcher among astronomers peering into the surroundings of M87’s black hole

Using data gathered by the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration in 2017, astronomers have explored the role of magnetic fields in the formation of relativistic jets emitted from the center of active galaxies.

Yale students enter as finalists in Dept. of Energy’s Solar Decathlon

After submitting their application to the Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon last October, a team of four Yale undergraduates have now applied to be finalists […]

A rendering of the students