Yale study: COVID-19 vaccine distribution at dollar stores could improve equity

Yale researchers found that including dollar stores in the U.S. vaccine distribution process would aid in the country’s efforts to reach marginalized populations.

Yale researchers investigate severe COVID-related condition in children

Multisystem inflammatory syndrome is a serious, yet puzzling, disease that can present in children weeks after they have been infected with COVID-19. To better understand the mechanisms that underlie it, scientists in the Lucas Lab have immunologically profiled the condition.

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Yale working to deal with students who get a non-FDA-authorized vaccine

Because the pandemic has scattered Yale students across the globe, not everyone has access to the same COVID-19 vaccines. But with Yale's recent mandate announcement and requirement that students be immunized with U.S.-approved shots for the fall, what could this mean for international students in countries that are only administering AstraZeneca or other non-FDA-authorized vaccines?

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UP CLOSE | Let’s talk about it: The triumphs and failures of public health messaging during COVID-19

Epidemiologists at the Yale School of Public Health, Yale faculty and a community leader comment on how the U.S. government fell short when communicating health guidance to the public during the pandemic and what lessons can be learned from the year in review.

Yale researchers study pooled saliva testing for COVID-19

In a paper published in Emerging Infectious Diseases this month, Yale researchers presented their study supporting the expansion of SARS-CoV-2 testing capacity by pooling saliva […]

Rachael Roettenbacher named 51 Pegasi b Fellow

Rachael Roettenbacher, a postdoctoral fellow at the Yale Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, was named a 51 Pegasi b Fellow by the Heising-Simons Foundation at […]

Yale to require COVID vaccines for students this fall, considering mandate for faculty, staff

Yale will impose a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all undergraduate, graduate and professional school students who return to campus next fall and is considering a […]

All Yale students can receive Pfizer vaccine at clinics starting this week

The University is launching  four student vaccination clinics that have the capacity to vaccinate all students by May 19, the last day of the spring […]

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Yale temporarily halts Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccinations

On Tuesday morning, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration issued a joint recommendation for states to stop administering […]

COVID-19 vaccines: A glossary of terms

Student vaccine availability limited, uncertain despite college clinic announcement, eligibility expansion

Most Yale students have been eligible for COVID-19 vaccines in Connecticut since Apr. 1, but leaders of Yale Health and the Yale New Haven Health […]

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