Child poverty rate stagnates in Connecticut

The poorest children in one of the nation’s richest states went relatively unaffected by a nationwide economic turnaround and health insurance expansion, a recent report on child poverty in Connecticut found.

New project tackles obesity

A new Elm City nonprofit is approaching the systemic problem of obesity from a distinct angle.

Weight loss linked to sleep quality

On a restless night, some tossers and turners may try to count sheep or drink warm milk in order to lull themselves to sleep. But according to a new study, losing weight can now be added to the list of effective insomnia remedies.

Feathers play crucial role in birds’ communication

A recent study from the Yale Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and the Peabody Museum of Natural History suggests feathers play a crucial role in birds’ efforts to communicate.

Study links pesticide exposure to tremor

A new Yale study indicates that although pesticides successfully keep insects at bay, they may also have a negative impact on neurological development.

Study shows alcohol relapse and cigarette smoking correlation

A recently published Yale-affiliated study may change the way doctors treat alcohol-use disorders in patients who smoke cigarettes.

Elites favor efficiency

Are the elite fundamentally different from other Americans, or do they simply have more money?

Q&A: Designing the genome

Two genomic design researchers, Adrian Haimovich and Farren Isaacs, spoke with the News about their recent review paper.

Evaluating STEM at Yale

During the past four years, Yale has wooed science-strong high school seniors with colorful brochures, YES-Weekend and recruitment trips. Rishabh Bhandari and Jennifer Gersten investigate where those efforts are headed.

Einstein’s hidden legacy revealed in new book

Few people think Einstein is under-appreciated  But applied physics professor A. Douglas Stone argues that Einstein contributed much more to the field of quantum physics than […]