GUPTA: Promoting Produce is Not Enough

Food prices are rising again. The complexities of our modern world place pressures on farmers and food systems: the war in Ukraine provoked global fertilizer […]

SU: Bigger Admissions Odds Lure Bigger Wallets

I never had any paid tutoring or college admissions support during my high school years. But I had to accept what was once an unfathomable fact: there are tens of thousands of parents who are willing to shell out tens of thousands of dollars to purchase a suite of services for their children without any guarantee of success.

GLICK: Over Apple’s Garden Walls

A college student’s holy trinity — iPhone, iPad, and Macbook. These three devices are the foundation of what we call the Apple Ecosystem. There are […]

MACKAY: Disagree. Please.

Well before the horrific terror attacks of Oct. 7 and Israel’s subsequent war in Gaza, discussing Israel on campus was complicated. Protests and rallies from […]

BAYULGEN & DANIEL: For the Ancient Eight and beyond, diversity means survival

On one of our first dates together, the two of us walked past Skull & Bones and, full of curiosity, tried to sneak a peek […]

DUNCAN: Why are you afraid?

Yalie small talk seems to follow trends depending on where we are in the school year. The current default question is “What did you do […]

SINGH: Why I’m voting for Joe Biden

The short answer is because I’m a Democrat. But why am I a Democrat? I can boil it down to a single sentence: utility is […]

MAGALDI: Yale’s ivory tower — navigating the disconnection between academia and the average voter

The News has retracted this piece as we could not verify the identity of this author. We are in the process of revising our opinion […]

ISHIKAWA: The cost of aging — who gets to bear the burden?

In early 2023, The New York Times reported on Yusuke Narita’s controversial remarks. Responding to the challenges posed by Japan’s aging population, Narita, an assistant […]

LETTER 02.01: Let’s Go Bulldogs

To the Editor, Please be advised that I have been a Yale basketball fan for over 50 years. I have seen the likes of Rick […]

SAPRE: The unbearable lightness of being busy

There are few states of existence more natural for the average Yale student than the state of “busyness.” Whether it is week seven, three or […]