DIAMOND: In Millstone We Trustee

On Sunday, May 19, alumni will have their final chance to vote David Millstone onto the Board of Trustees. This is no presidential election, but the future of Yale may depend on it given the power of the board to shape university policy and operations. The question remains to be addressed in earnest: does Mr. Millstone have what it takes to be a good steward of the University?

BARENHOLTZ: Welcome to Beinecke Plaza

Welcome to Beinecke Plaza, or as it’s now affectionately known, Gaza Solidarity Plaza. If you look to the left, you’ll see posters idolizing terrorists, like Leila Khaled, who hijacked two planes, and Walid Daqqa, who was convicted of leading the terrorist ring that kidnapped, castrated, gouged out the eyes of, tortured and murdered a 19-year-old Israeli. 

THIBODEAUX: Effects of the Protests on Students with Disabilities

My name is Zack Thibodeaux and I am a senior at Yale who is blind. I am writing this column to give the Yale community another perspective on the protests and their effects on people with disabilities. I would like students to understand that their actions have severe consequences on others.

MAIMU: Educational for Whom?

“So you are going to show the lives of young, poor, African, gay sex workers to the world. Why? And who wants to watch that?” That stung. Twelve years later, it still stings.

MOWAFI & KAMINSKI: It’s Not Your Yale

For the past week and the past six months we’ve seen protests, marches, rallies, as well as courses, seminars, and panel discussions on campus from a variety of viewpoints involving hundreds, if not thousands of participants. Some Yale community members have been directly affected by the events of Oct. 7 and the subsequent war in Gaza. Some have had family members killed or taken hostage on Oct. 7, and others have had to deal with several generations of family killed in the bombing of Gaza. Still, the violence over there has not translated to violence here at Yale. Such claims are disingenuous and endanger us all.  

ROMÁN-NIEVES: Missing the mise en scène

Does representational politics matter in class photos when there’s a mounting body count of tens of thousands in occupied Palestinian lands, enabled by U.S. taxpayers in complicity with our government and its political and financial investors? Perhaps we’re missing the students’ point entirely, and there is no use in soul-searching within an institution that has proven soulless at best and complicit at worst. 

HANSEN: Why We Protest on Earth Day

How do we enter into these tumultuous times as environmentalists and human rights advocates? What connections exist between environmentalism and the movement for freedom in Palestine? What can the environmental movement learn from the mobilization that has rocked our campus?

AMEND: Speak Up and Divest Now

Before Dad worked at Raytheon, I was critical of weapons companies. But his salary helped pay for my college education debt-free. As a result, I was used to debating the ethical dilemma in being involved, in some way shape or form, with corporations that manufacture missiles, bombs, warplanes and other things. 

GONSALVES: On the Arrests of Yale Students in New Haven

In 1985, I was part of a group of hundreds of students at Tufts University who took over Ballou Hall, the main administration building, to […]

FONKEU & SUH-TOMA: This is freedom of expression. Yale, don’t suppress it.

Over the course of the year, University policies served as excuses for passivity. The message was clear: Yale University must protect freedom of speech above all else. But in this past week, we saw how the University wholly, hypocritically and shamefully dishonored the spirit of free expression. 

ISRAEL: Yale sided with democracy — you should too.

We, a group of undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, professors and parents, write in the wake of Iran’s unprecedented and dangerous attack on Israel. We write to thank President Salovey and the University for not divesting from companies that provide Israel, along with Ukraine and other countries of the free world, with the integral ability to defend themselves against countries that seek to dismantle democracy and plunge the world into panic and destruction.