Peaches: A video essay

Cheryl Chen ’24 read an excerpt of her essay about the Asian American experience. Made with illustrations by Dora Guo ’24.

YTV Profiles: Yale Sophomore Cofounds Sustainable Fashion Company

During her year of remote learning, Rakel Tanibajeva ’24 is exploring sustainable fashion. YTV’s Maya Weldon-Lagrimas ’23 reports.

YTV Profiles: Yale’s Xavier Washington on auditioning for American Idol

Xavier Washington ’20+1 is a senior at Yale. After an exciting music career at Yale — where he performed at Spring Fling and toured the […]

YTV Profiles: How Tasman Rosenfeld ’23 is fighting to conserve Florida’s natural habitats

Tasman Rosenfeld ’23 is the youth conservation director for the Florida Wildlife Federation — a nonprofit which aims to preserve natural habitats and wildlife. During […]

What can we expect from the YSO Halloween show this year?

The YSO Halloween show will be released tomorrow night at midnight. This year’s directors gave YTV a couple hints about what students can look forward […]

Yale students weigh in on Department of Justice lawsuit

This month, the US Department of Justice sued Yale over alleged discrimination against white and Asian American applicants in the admissions process. YTV spoke to […]

The Unorthojocks: Athlete A Cappella

The Unorthojocks, Yale’s only athlete a cappella group, present “UnorthoJam.”

Political Roundtable II

Tommy Atlee ’20 sits down with Esul Burton ’20, Emil Friedman ’20 and Zachary Young ’17 for an open discussion on the current state of […]

Head of Murray College Tina Lu

YTV’s Titania Nguyen interviews Tina Lu, the newly appointed Head of Pauli Murray College.

Head of Franklin College Charles Bailyn ’81

YTV’s Titania Nguyen interviews Charles Bailyn ’81 and Rebecca Tannenbaum, the newly appointed Head and Associate Head of Benjamin Franklin College.

Freshman Survey 2016

Every year, the News sends out a freshman survey to gauge demographics, experiences, and interests of the incoming class. This year, the response rate among […]