IN PHOTOS: Enchanting Engravings

The “big picture” views of the grand buildings on Yale’s campus are familiar sights, but the subtler details are often more elusive.

What’s left on the blackboards?

  It’s hard to walk into a Yale classroom without seeing laptops or iPads in front of everyone. Surprisingly, this has not decreased the use […]

IN PHOTOS: A photographer’s journey to Florida on Tweed-New Haven’s inaugural flight’

At 8 p.m., our Editor-in-Chief told us about a new airline based out of the Tweed-New Haven Airport that reached out to the News about […]

Zoe Berg Photo.
“The Spirit of the Havens” lifts off from Tweed on first direct Florida flight

The first-ever non-stop direct flight to Florida from southern Connecticut departed from Tweed Airport Wednesday morning. Following decades of legal concerns and loud resident backlash, Tweed […]

Zoe Berg Photo
The Return of Hallowoads

The infamous days leading up to Halloween. A time to put midterms aside and become someone, or something, else. A chance to escape from everyday […]

Tenzin Jorden Photo
LATINX SPISSUE: On A Hard Roll, Por Favor.

Joy comes in the shape of a steak and cheese sandwich. Once I was old enough to navigate the rumbling streets of Fair Haven, my […]

Regina Sung Photo.
IN PHOTOS: Until next time.

Students organize climate rally for American Rescue Plan funds

Mayor Elicker at the climate change rally
IN PHOTOS: Alpha Phi Alpha holds performance on Cross Campus

IN PHOTOS: Yale’s first game back

Last Friday, Aug. 27, Reese Stadium hosted the first Yale game to occur since March 12, 2020. Yale women’s soccer took on the University at Buffalo.

IN PHOTOS: What are Yalies doing to live sustainably?