Announcing the winners of the 2021 Wallace Prize

  The Yale Daily News Magazine is thrilled to publish the winners of the 2021 Wallace Prize. The Wallace Prize recognizes previously unpublished fiction and nonfiction […]

NONFICTION: When Pregnancy Is A Crime

In the cramped bathroom of a condominium apartment in Singapore, Annisa stared at the pregnancy test she had purchased from the Guardian pharmacy. She had […]

FICTION: Object Permanence

Babies begin to develop an understanding of object permanence as young as four months old. If a yellow ball is shown to a child, placed […]

Winnie Jiang
NONFICTION: People Like Us

Electric razor in hand, Stephanie Rodriguez is hard at work. For me it’s just like any other Tuesday at Major League Barbers, which by most […]

FICTION: The Sea Leash

The sea had already killed two people that summer. A woman who had traveled south from Médou eagerly waded into the water with her skirt […]

NONFICTION: Little Neck, New York

When I tell people where I am from, I tell them “New York City.” If they are a New Yorker or if they are familiar […]


The bitches lived in the shed — a dilapidated, yellowing structure in Flora Hopewell’s backyard, by the pool. Probably, it was meant for storing shovels […]

NONFICTION: Everyday American Delusion

Joanne works nights, so when she said she could only talk at 1 a.m., I wasn’t surprised. Nor was I inconvenienced. Quarantine offers little incentive […]

FICTION: Party Monster

It’s not a crime to like parties. I know this. But after all of the pretty sucky things that have happened to me during and […]

NONFICTION: The Weight in Her Voice

One Friday night in mid-January, I called my mother. I was starting an hourlong drive to my friend’s house in northeastern Connecticut. It was 30 […]

Wallace Prize Issue 2021