SALOVEY: Change and achievement

This has been an incredibly challenging year. It sometimes has felt as if everything we know about life at Yale — and life in general […]

salovey speaking at 2021 commencement
Courtesy of OPAC/Dan Renzetti
WESTFALL: Time Granted

I rode in the passenger seat of a car with a friend one Tuesday in October. It was only a short trip to Walgreens, so […]

Sammy W with friends and housemates in graduation gowns
Courtesy of Sammy Westfall
HU: Chasing Magic

It is difficult for me to remember what the magic of Yale used to feel like, to reminisce on something that I have already begun […]

Cassidy Arrington
SCHRADER: Embracing Uncertainty

I have a confession to make:  I don’t have all the answers to life’s pressing metaphysical, moral and social questions. At the tender age of […]

Yehia Elkersh
KUMAR-BANERJEE: A Fine and Glamorous Season

Like some of you, I spent last summer in New Haven. In fact, I spent all of my junior spring in New Haven, too. Way […]

trees on hillhouse
Courtesy of Ananya Kumar-Banerjee
RAGHAVAN: “Not all who wander are lost”

Four years down the road, Yale can still be an intimidating place. The people you meet here are gifted at such an astonishing range of […]

Jessie Cheung
OSBORNE, HUFFMAN & MANZ: Joy In The Ordinary

Entering this 2020-2021 school year as seniors, we couldn’t fight the thought that our best Yale days were over. With classes and extracurriculars on Zoom, […]

JIN: Give and Take

Years ago, a mentor told me that the best advice she ever received was to be a sponge. “Shamelessly soak up everything you can,” she […]

student common room in residential college
Cassidy Arrington