New Haven high school students protest greenhouse gas emissions

New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker designated a Climate Action Day before students marched to City Hall for climate action.

Barking up the right tree: animal shelter staff spotlight dogs up for adoption

Three of six dogs at the New Haven Animal Shelter — named Candy Cane, Melo and Roxy — are pit bulls looking for a new home.

Long-anticipated Apizza Feast returns to the Elm City

This past Friday, the Apizza Feast — sponsored by Taste of New Haven — made its annual return to College Street.

Twilight Grand Prix lights up the streets of New Haven

The event, which raises money for youth cycling programs, drew thousands of spectators from across the state.

Elicker and Brennan split on Tweed Airport expansion

While Justin Elicker’s campaign has endorsed the expansion of Tweed New Haven Airport, Liam Brennan’s team told the News they would not commit to a position before seeing the environmental impact statement.

The many bikes of New Haven and where to find them

The News reaches out to bicycle shops, nonprofits and students to get the scoop on where to find a bicycle in New Haven.

New Haven’s unhoused community mourns leader and friend Keith Petrulis

Petrulis, a core member of the unhoused activist organization U-ACT, died while experiencing homelessness last month.

Beinecke event highlights failed effort to make New Haven the site of America’s first HBCU

The Beinecke Library hosted an event to commemorate the unsuccessful attempt to establish the first HBCU in America in New Haven.

Folk festival returns to Edgerton Park

New Haven’s annual folk music festival celebrates its 30th year, attracting crowds to Edgerton Park.

City officials and advocates reflect on two terms of Elicker’s housing policy

Ahead of Tuesday’s Democratic primary, the News spoke with activists and city officials about New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, rising homelessness and a growing affordable housing crisis.

Ocean Management rescinds evictions, agrees to negotiate with tenants union

Days after hundreds of protestors gathered outside City hall to support the Blake Street Tenants Union, Ocean Management signed an agreement withdrawing eviction notices and returning to the negotiating table.