Listening to Music with… DJ ACTION

For someone known on campus as “the Toad’s DJ,” Thomas “DJ Action” Jackson is fairly unassuming. When asked what exactly it is he does, he says, “I just show the hell up.” But he does a whole lot more than that. Walking into the Black Bear Saloon on the corner of Temple and Crown, a […]

Short Feature

That’s Not My Job – The Veda of Dean Flick

It’s hard to imagine a residential college dean balancing on his hands and chin, his legs raised unsupported behind him in mayurasana, or “peacock pose.” But Dean Hugh Flick of Silliman College pulls it off almost effortlessly. Three times a week, he exchanges his desk chair for a yoga mat and lifts into his best […]

Short Feature

Events give Elis taste of South Asia

South Asia may be the homeland of old favorites like spicy curries, Mount Everest and the Taj Mahal, but the South Asian Society wants students to realize that it is also the birthplace of a dynamic and complex culture. The SAS is currently hosting South Asian Awareness Week in an effort to show a different […]


Glee Club festival to feature teen singers

Early this morning, dozens of high schoolers will arrive at Woolsey Hall to trade in their books for a day of singing. The Yale Glee Club’s fifth annual High School’s Choral Festival brings four high-school choirs from the New Haven area to campus to rehearse with nationally recognized conductor Josephine Lee in preparation for a […]


Law School hosts ‘rebellious’ public interest law conference

This past weekend, Yale Law School — home to some of the most distinguished lawyers, politicians and diplomats in the world — became a forum for some more unconventional speakers. The school hosted the 13th Annual Rebellious Lawyering Conference, known as RebLaw, which invited those who are interested in public and social change to discuss […]


Newark deputy mayor speaks about city’s future

Students braved the cold to venture to the Branford Fellows Lounge on Monday night to hear Newark, N.J., Deputy Mayor Stefan Pryor ’93 LAW ’98 discuss his plans for that city’s downtown area and his past experience with economic development. Pryor, a Ward 1 alderman in the early ’90s and a former policy adviser to […]


Grad students to attend dissertation ‘boot camp’

Instead of army fatigues and combat boots, Yale graduate students attending this weekend’s Dissertation Writing Boot Camp will need laptops and library books. Twenty graduate students will undertake two rigorous days of writing at the first-ever retreat for students working on their dissertations. Far from the common perception of a traditional “boot camp,” this graduate […]