Zaporah Price
Staff Reporter
Zaporah W. Price covers Black communities at Yale and in New Haven. She previously served as a staff columnist. Originally from Chicago, she is a sophomore in Ezra Stiles College majoring in english with an intended concentration in creative writing.
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PRICE: Unplugged

Robots have taken over the world. I blame our lack of preparation on the beloved dystopian novelists and movie directors of my adolescence, who envisioned […]

PRICE: Welcome home

Dear Class of 2024,  This letter is not only meant for you. It’s also for all my fellow Yalies who can’t wait to return to […]

Giovanna Truong
PRICE: Beyond Phelps Gate

For the past two weeks, I have awoken to more alarming news than I had the previous day. I have read countless articles and social […]

PRICE: A sense of purpose

It’s the middle of the semester. Spring break is in two weeks. Four papers turned in, five more to go, six News columns written and […]

PRICE: Shades of love

Love is a universal emotion that we all feel but no one can explain. Poets pen sonnets, singers sing melodies and human beings hope to […]

PRICE: Building bridges

I opened Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” Monday afternoon on January 20th looking to retreat from the old, white male readings that […]

PRICE: The value in controversy

It was a brisk Wednesday afternoon when I left my lecture at the Whitney Humanities Center to begin the 10-minute trek to Mory’s. There, myself […]

PRICE: For the curious

Over the weekend, I participated in Splash at Yale, a volunteer program where middle and high school students from the New England region come to […]

PRICE: The power of protest

Kerry Ellington — a representative from the New Haven chapter of Black Lives Matter — screamed into the microphone as a sea of students, community […]

PRICE: A South Side story

Thursday night around 6 p.m., I pushed out of Lawrence’s entryway C door to be hit by a 50-degree wind chill. Welcome to New Haven. […]