Yifu Dong
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DONG: A heavy truth

Even though some American politicians and voters are isolated from the facts and realities of the real world, including the issues of climate change and globalization, them being cut off from reality is a reality in itself. Understanding this is painful for everyone who has paid America the reverence it never truly deserved.

A Textbook Case

"The Chinese economy will be in trouble soon.” Irene Chung ’17 spoke in Chinese, half-joking yet pronouncing each syllable with the correct tones.

DONG: Freedom not rigor

Though some have often dubbed Tsinghua University the MIT of China, it may now be time to call MIT the Tsinghua of America.

DONG: Widening the path of success

Admitted students could spark a constructive conversation on the issues facing higher education in China today.

DONG: Cause for concern

For Chinese students, there should be a degree of concern as we think about home, even on occasions such as the Lunar New Year holiday.

DONG: A well-intentioned mistake

SOHO China’s $10 million donation helps Yale, but there are better ways to help low-income Chinese students.

DONG: On climate, think of growth models

I wonder if the protesters at the People’s Climate March had in mind their brothers and sisters around the world, especially those in a desperate situation like China.

DONG: The detained World Fellow

There are plenty of people raring to climb the social ladder by selling their soul, but few have been as successful as the 2005 Yale World Fellow.

DONG: Reflecting on terror

“You are never told what really happened. You are only made to hate in confusion, fear in confusion, live in confusion and die in confusion.” […]

DONG: Celebrating the Lunar New Year

An increasing number of Chinese students, even those in top universities, have never been offered the opportunity to fully appreciate the wonders of our culture.

DONG: Mao, here and there

Things have changed dramatically in China since Mao’s passing, but Mao’s place in history is becoming more and more unchallengeable in official propaganda and Chinese education.