Yash Roy
Staff Reporter
Yash Roy covers education & youth services in New Haven and is a P&D staffer. He is a first year in Timothy Dwight College and is from Princeton, NJ.
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“Stymying change”: Current student BOE member reflects on tenure as next year’s candidate prepares for the future.

As the school year comes to an end, New Haven Public Schools is preparing for a turnover in its student BOE members.  On Monday night, […]

State legislature set to pass first in nation AAPI studies legislation

After activism from Make Us Visible campaign and AAPI advocates at Yale and across the state, state legislature prepares to pass AAPI education bill.

aapiNHV plans events to celebrate AAPI history month

As aapiNHV expands its membership in New Haven, the organization is planning on hosting three events to celebrate AAPI heritage month and bring the AAPI New Haven community closer together.

CT expands abortion access, creates legal shield against anti-abortion lawsuits that could target Yale students

State House clears abortion rights expansion bill which Lamont vows to sign pending Senate passage.

A look inside the Yale lab sequencing local COVID-19 cases 

Working with Nathan Grubaugh, scientists at the Yale Center for Genomic Analysis are on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.

Who’s behind the School of Management’s viral corporations in Russia list?

Despite a flurry of global media attention, often overlooked is the fact it is a team of Yale undergraduate, graduate, MBA and EMBA students maintaining the list behind-the-scenes.

New Haven receives $5.3 million in funding from state

New Haven wins newly created grant to improve liveability and vibrancy.

Board of Education debates family-member appointment and masking policy 

The Board of Education debated the appointment of family members to NHPS admin roles, masking and the 2022-23 academic calendar.

New Haveners, unions, teachers demand increased funding for schools

Community advocates came together to call for an increase in public school funding for K-12 education on the heels of pandemic disruptions.

New Haven high school reckons with tough week following weapon at school

Following weapons at school and reassignment of a school security officer, Metropolitan Business Academy devolved into chaos on Friday.

Connecticut lawmakers unanimously pass bill to cut 25 cent gas tax

House Bill 5501 suspends the state’s excise tax on gasoline from April 1 to June 30. The legislation also suspends bus fare fees and creates an additional sales tax holiday.