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TOLENTINO: Notice of tree removal

Sometime over the summer — in August? in July? — with no fanfare or protest, Yale removed a tree from Cross Campus.

42nd Street Shuttle

A man fell on the subway today. I was watching people slip through the metal doors connecting our car to the next, this door then […]

Between the Objects of the World

Mid-September. The Litchfield Turnpike is taking me north, past the last overpasses and traffic lights of the suburban world. North, to Bethany. Up here, there […]

First Words

The first words of this poem are the and first, and then—words, and that is all there is.   A palm reflecting sunlight toward the […]

From the Forge

Nothing prepares you to handle a pickaxe for the first time. You don’t anticipate the heft of it, the welt of solid iron, the brutishness […]


February 2, 2013  This begins in the graveyard, which, today, is actually a cheery place. It’s Saturday. It’s sunny. It’s warm for February. There are […]