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Everything We Lose

When I got my first eye exam, I was a soon-to-be senior in high school, spending the summer at a very strange summer camp in Ann Arbor, Michigan.1 I was wearing a dress and some fabulous makeup because one of the few traditions of the otherwise remarkably flexible inheritance we enacted during that hot and humid season was Cross-Dressing Day.2 In a floral print dress, some sandals that were frankly too small for me and a pink leather purse, I went to get my eyes checked out. I don’t have anything profound to say about the experience of going out into the wild, dressed like a woman (you should try it, though if you haven’t), but the memory is forever embedded into the pair of glasses that resulted from that journey.3

The Life and Times of the Cardigan

We don’t choose our magical artifacts — they choose us. So Harry’s wand comes when it pleases as its compatriots are littered across the floor […]

Have It Your Way (Nothing Matters)

A fast-food chain is a calorie and pleasure distribution center. There is no art here. No one spends years training to cook at McDonald’s (this […]

CABRERA: Mildly Depressing but a Little Ha-Ha

How often do you think about death? I think about it a lot.

CABRERA: Lamb al dente

At some point in the distant past, my father took a break from the apparently nonstop marathon of windsurfing, lounging on beaches and dating rich Argentines that defined his youth and left Montevideo to visit his rustic relatives in the Uruguayan countryside.

Yale stakes claim to Bluebook origins

For every defeat to Harvard on the football field, it seems, Yale is ready with a triumph in the law schools. Fred Shapiro and Julie […]

Summer tour guide position still desirable

As thousands of Yalies leave New Haven over the summer to pursue internships and study abroad programs elsewhere, a few will remain behind to welcome the thousands more arriving to tour the University.

Century-old novel receives a modern makeover

A Theater Studies senior project will bring a Victorian novel into the 21st century.

Budget looks to increase education funding

New Haven Public Schools is hoping Mayor Toni Harp will not budge on her budget.

Youth Stat program looks to expand

As year one closes for New Haven’s Youth Stat program, its leaders are looking back at its beginnings and planning ahead for expansion.

Performance explores Native American tribal justice

Last night, the Native American Law Students Association brought to campus a genre-defying work that tackled a variety of urgent but under-addressed national issues.