Victoria Katsarou
Nurmi’s art graces York Square with ocean views

Rea Nurmi’s art, which has transformed the blank walls of hospitals and schools worldwide into colorful land and seascapes, is now available to New Haven […]

Clinton speechwriter sheds light on value of diversity

Yalies are “guiding lights” for each other and the world, Eric Liu ’90, an adviser and speechwriter for former President Bill Clinton LAW ’73, said […]

Local teacher receives statewide recognition

Burton Saxon made the grade yesterday. At a ceremony at James Hillhouse High School, Saxon, a Yale professor and New Haven public school teacher, was […]

Group talks of Church, world

In a political atmosphere where religious rhetoric is debated daily, one Catholic group says they aim to clarify how a Christian should serve the world […]

Slifka hosts Middle East policy debate

Defending and promoting the views of their favored presidential candidates, two political operatives debated the current state of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Tuesday. The debaters were […]

At Peabody, most objects stay buried

The huge apatosaurus skeleton in the main hall of the Peabody Museum of Natural History is regularly flanked by crowds of astonished, excited children. Just […]

Architect applauds Chapel Street’s progress

According to public space planner Ethan Kent, Chapel Street in New Haven is a major success story. Speaking to about 40 audience members at the […]

Auditory preference allows earlier autism diagnosis, new treatments

Research at the Yale Developmental Disabilities Clinic promises to revolutionize physicians’ approach to autism by providing an opportunity for earlier diagnosis of the disorder. Dr. […]

Forum offers ideas for U.S.-Islam relations

Four speakers offered solutions such as forgiveness, education and increased support for human rights organizations as ways to improve the United States’ relationship with the […]