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Adrienne Sharpe: Finding balance

Adrienne Sharpe, a library service assistant at the Beinecke, no longer spends her days among the fragile tomes. Instead, she works, cooks, dances, reads and meditates at her home in West Haven with her husband, Kurt, and daughter, Evey.

Babylonian Collection hosts symposium about women

By Tyler brown staff reporter On the third floor of Sterling, an unassuming door is kept tightly locked. Behind it lies the Yale Babylonian Collection, […]

ISM exhibit examines religion in the Andes

Brimming frescos with baroque ornamentation, solemn sculptures with eternal stares, grand choirs thundering sacred themes — these extravagant images capture Western religious art. But there […]

Photo exhibit examines Australian droughts

In the Study Hotel’s Aisling Gallery, there is an image of a farmer, tracing lines in once-fertile soil with a worn boot. In another image, […]

Courtesy of Sol Thompson
Exhibit commemorates 50th anniversary of OHAM

In opera houses and concert halls, singers croon to crowds. Vocal music has the power to prick goosebumps and evoke emotion in even the most […]

A check-in with Yale’s live music scene

Anyone who has lived in a college dorm is familiar with the sound of thumping bass coming from adjacent rooms. More often than not, the […]

First Native written play comes to come to Yale Rep

The 2008 recession began on an island called Manhattan at a place called Wall Street. For many, those names conjure images of a burgeoning megacity […]

“Is God Is” comes to Yale Cabaret from SoHo

Grim, otherworldly clips of old cartoons and open sky flicker softly on an armada of TV screens. The tinny sound of wind fills the room. […]

Ecologist David Post joins AAAS

Ecology and evolutionary biology professor David Post’s renowned scholarship — which tackles species ranging from freshwater fish to hippopotami — has earned him a coveted […]

The Study starts Writer-in-Residence program

In a bustling world, writing forces an artist to slow down. Authors must take time at the end of the day to labor over their […]

CCAM publishes interdisciplinary arts journal

The cold steel and subterranean setting of scientific spaces are enough to make even the most seasoned photographer shudder. The Center for Collaborative Arts and […]

Courtesy of Monique Atherton